Dark Khimairan Series

Dark Khimairan books can stand alone, but a reader would benefit more reading from the first book on. Please note some books in this series are part of a Zodiac Shifter series as well as my Dark Khimairan series. Not all of these books will be Zodiac Shifter directly.

Khimairan (chimera) Lore

Doomed from the beginning, Khimaira was born from two powerful divine celestial beings— Typhon whose many heads touched the stars and Echidna, mother of all monsters.
 Humans came to believe Bellerophon had slain Khimaira using the winged horse Pegasos as flight and a spear to claim the deadly blow.

But this is the myth of humans, as those who win wars tend to write history in their favor.

The truth, Typhon and Echidna used their divine powers to move their beloved Khimaira with heads of dragon, lion, and goat to the stars so death would not claim her. They left the shell of her body and took her soul and mind, forever to be graced among the stars.
Khimaira grew lonely and heart sick, aching for more than eternity existing in a darkened nether world without contact. She called to Typhon and Echidna's celestial spirits, requesting a way to fill her heart, to be loved.
They granted her request knowing Bellerophon would still be waiting, as he too was granted immortality by gods of his choosing for slaying Khimaira. To keep their child's soul safe, they split her animals apart and scattered them on earth allowing her to be both male and female, human and creature of any kind.
Bellerophon could feel the very presence of his enemy upon the land and vowed to never give her peace, to never stop looking until he owned all of her immortal soul. Primal blades were fashioned, and the great gods, those more powerful than Echidna and Typhon, gave two of the blades to the Khimairan race born of the stars and one to Bellerophon.
But a balance must always be struck within the universe as life cannot go without death so Khimaira could not return without conditions.
One condition of existence for Khimairans had to be met …

Though they were given humanity, to learn to love, to shapeshift from beast into human…they must find their mate or lose their humanity forever…reverting back to their primal animal form destined to kill others as the great monster humans believed Khimaira to be.


Dante Coburn is running out of time.

He's the leader of the Khimairan shifters and that won't save him from turning primal. Once his beast takes over…there's no coming back. Unless he can find his mate before he turns, killing everyone he holds dear. When Bailey walks into his life, he thought he'd found everything he needed as his Leo zodiac mark was invoked. However, she wants nothing to do with Khimairan shifters and knows nothing of her real heritage.

Bailey couldn't imagine living in a city where Khimairans dominated. The dirty shifters could piss off... the lot of them. They killed her mother, her aunt, and she'd be damned if she had to live near them. When Bailey inherits more than a store from her aunt, which included the intensely seductive Dante Coburn, Bailey will have to face more than her desires to stay sane.

After a group of fanatics show up, Dante will risk his immortal life to keep her safe, even if she'll never have him.


Sadie Giles has a secret.

Born with a genetic disorder, making her goat horns a permanent fixture, Sadie never leaves the enclave. Until she’s sent to help the Wyoming area after battle. Though on the bright side, Wyoming has a resident potions expert, Levi, who might be able to help with her horn problem. Only there is one major problem.
He lives in the human area.

An empty disturbance has disrupted Levi’s land in Wyoming, and dead animals are a recurring event. Tied to his land as he lends his grazing areas to farmers in the warm months and hunters during hunting season, Levi can’t ignore ten killings in a single week or he’d lose his business. When Levi heads into the Khimairan enclave to get help from his clan leader, he never expected his zodiac sign to be invoked by a female with ever-lasting goat horns and a desperate need for his help.
When the killer leaves a cold heart on Levi’s door step everything he’s worked for, including his mate could, be lost with a flick of a knife.

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