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The following series and standalones are available from USA Today bestselling author Decadent Kane.

Though they were given humanity, to learn to love, to shapeshift from beast into human…they must find their mate or lose their humanity forever…reverting back to their primal animal form destined to kill others.
(These are adult paranormal romance novels)
Books can be read in any order.

Join the elf side and follow these couples into the many troubles of elven life. From cursed orgasms and prophecies to pirate elves and bounty hunters. 

(These are adult romance novellas)

Books can be read in any order.

Follow the moon dragons in the yearly Draconic Challenge. But moon dragon magic doesn’t choose a mate lightly, and when darker forces shatter the peaceful mountain enclave the dragons call home, human and moon dragon alike will have to reconsider just what they need to achieve a happy ending. 
(These are adult paranormal romance novels)
Books can be read in any order.

Siberia houses a parallel world for the supernatural.  Come find out what this mysterious place has in store for my sexy alpha's and their mates. This series hosts several shifters and magic users. 
(These are adult paranormal romance books)
Books can be read in any order.

Here you will find books outside of a series, currently including Fated and Forbidden lovers, other Zodiac Shifter books, and short stories.

Coming Soon : 2018/2019

Chasing Anabel (Trouble with Elves)

Full release of Shifting Scales: Siberian Paradox (1)

Immortal Khimairan Series Book 3 

Supernatural Skyline 

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