Thursday, June 29, 2017

Back from vaca with cool pics.

I'm back! And while I loved vacation with no service, no tv, no internet etc... it will forever be known as the mosquito vacation! I'm not kidding you those little buggers in Montana are attracted to the sprays even with 40% deet in them- they come to you in swarms!
But I'll get to that.

I have some gorgeous pics. I live in Wyoming where it's pretty much flat, Casper Mountain is a big hill, and there's just a lot of plains and sagebrush. So these images were amazing to me!

Up first- we decided to camp most of the least on the way up to Stevenville Mt where Manly Man's sister lives. This first camp spot is outside of Dubois, Wyoming. The mountains started looking all Gothic and I loved it.

Up next is the actual camp site- we were lucky it was pretty chilly here in Wyoming still as the mosquitoes didn't bug us and we had a nice evening.

I've lived in Wyoming my whole life- never been to Yellowstone, but I did go to the Tetons camping once with my dad when I was about 13. We didn't camp there this time, but I loved the view...

After that we headed up to the next camp site-  Grasshopper Creek in Montana.

This is where the little hell beasties decided we made good breakfast lunch and dinner. We spent a day up in Crystal Park digging crystals and fighting off the craptastic bloodsuckers, and got some beautiful pieces to bring home.

It was an amazing adventure.


  1. That's some serious bites! Glad you at least got some nuggets and great scenery.
    You should get to Yellowstone sometime. The smell keeps away most bugs.

  2. Pretty nature pictures. Looks like you kept the mosquito population well fed for a while! LOL

  3. Sounds cool. On my ast camping trip, last weekend, there were no bugs. No mossies (mosquitoes) or flies -except when doing what bears do in the woods, and barely even any ants. Did the flying bloodsuckers ruin your trip or add to it. Nice photos btw

  4. I like the photos you have shared although i believe you had more fun than just branding the Vacation as mosquito vaca, Thanks for the beautiful story as well.


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