Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Character's Dirty Secret for P #atozchallenge

Theme: Characters & Their Dirty Little Secrets.

I hope you enjoy today's entry as we feature another secret for your enjoyment, thrills, chills, and possibly appalling reactions. I tried to keep it under 500 words for each day's entry. Come see what we have in store for you today in a fictional character's own words...

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Genre: PNR
Book: Prowlers & Growlers Boxed set
Title story: Immortal Alchemy

My name is Pankratios, Pan for short. As an arch mage, I have lived for over 12 centuries. Everyone assumes that because I am so long-lived that I am well-versed in the arts of sex and sexual relationships. The truth could not be farther from beliefs. I am picky. I am selective.

Unlike many who share the burden that is immortality, I have never felt compelled to be sexually promiscuous. Sure, I’ve had my opportunities, and have taken some. But, in the end, I believe in the notion of fidelity, and in sharing that perfect union with one person, not many.

My dirty little secret is that while I want to have a monogamous relationship with one woman, I want that one woman to be the dominant. I want her to crave and demand, but only when it is between us. For everyone else, I want the allusion to remain that I am the Alpha. I am the man. I am the one in charge. What I want, is the security not to have to be those things all the time.

For the right woman, and I believe I have found her, I will fight, and I will go to the ends of the earth to make her mine. But, in truth, in the end, it is I who am hers.

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  1. This was awesomeness! Makes me want to learn more about him!! Can't wait for this set!!

  2. Oh, I like the sound of this!


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