Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Character's Dirty Secret for I #atozchallenge

 Theme: Characters & Their Dirty Little Secrets.

I hope you enjoy today's entry as we feature another secret for your enjoyment, thrills, chills, and possibly appalling reactions. I tried to keep it under 500 words for each day's entry. Come see what we have in store for you today in a fictional character's own words...

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Genre: PNR
Book: Prowlers & Growlers Boxed set
Title story: Under the Crescent Moon

Hi, my name is Irene Kirby, and I’m a wolf shifter. I reveal lots of my secrets in Under the Crescent Moon, but this is one I’ve never told a soul.

Thanks to my bad temper, I walked out of my final exam in one of my veterinary courses at college. My professor told me he would fail me unless I took a summer course and aced it. I couldn’t tell my mother what I’d done – she worried enough about my temper and blamed herself for it even though neither of us knew (at the time) it was because of my wolf.

I had no money to pay for this course, and it started in three weeks. To make money for it, I got a job at a strip club in the French Quarter. For two weeks, I took off my clothes every night for strangers. And I liked it. A lot.

The music put me in a sort of trance, and as I shimmied out of my g-string and strutted across the stage, I got off on the strange men watching me – my pussy, my breasts – the way I could hypnotize them with my body.

I earned enough tips in two weeks to pay for the course, my books, and a weekend trip with a handsome stranger from the club who told me he was an artist and had no money. So I paid for everything. We went to New York City and stayed at a fancy hotel in Times Square. We had sex in the room, in the hotel hot tub (after hours), and once against the wall in a crowded dance club lit only by black light. The sex was the best I’d ever had until I met Luke…but I’ll tell never tell him this story. It’ll just be our little secret, okay?

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