Friday, March 10, 2017

Celebrate the small things # 3

Small things need love too! So here I am to take notice in the small things , to reflect, and find the positive.

This week's small things:

*~ Jello- yup it's awesome. Why? Because when you get  a wisdom tooth pulled and it hurts to open your mouth and you can barely eat, it not only tastes good, but smells good, and settles a tummy.

*~ My advanced developmental fiction editing course is on it's last week- which means I have improved my ability as a professional editor.

*~ Created several new clay pieces, eventually I will start posting pictures for you all- but if you are interested in looking up my work yourself you can find me at: The Wispy Realm on Facebook

*~ My adopted mother made it through her surgery and is home and healing well. I get to see her and play cribbage with her today- winning...I mean entertaining her. Giggles.

What are you celebrating?

Celebrate the small things is an encouraging hop, be sure to stop over and check out others who are celebrating too by clicking the image below. 


  1. I have fond elementary school memories of jello! Glad your mom is doing well after her surgery.

    1. I don't remember eating much Jello in school. And thanks for comments.

  2. Glad to hear your mother is doing well.
    Jello or not, having your wisdom teeth pulled is no fun.

  3. Gah - wisdom teeth. I had 4 impacted and had them out when I was 18. That's when we discovered I was allergic to Percodan, the pain killer they gave me. By the time my vomiting stopped I was the biggest chipmunk-cheeked critter you ever saw. (We won't even talk about the fact I got chicken pocks 2 weeks later. It was an eventful few weeks.) Yay for jello, your editing course, and your mom's good health. Have a great weekend!

  4. Eee! Sorry about your tooth problem, but at least, you're looking at the bright side. Yay for the editing course, and so glad to hear your adoptive mother is doing better!


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