Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Taste of Thursday Siberian Style.

Stolen dragon scales, a mob boss, and seductive Siberian male...Nova had her hands full.

Shifting Scales
(Siberian Paradox)
Decadent Kane
International Bestselling Author



Nova sighed and hailed a cab. Crap. Close quarters in a car with—was he a Russian dragon? She wasn’t sure. But he had to be something from a manly culture. The way he’d taken over the scene, like he owned the place. Nothing phased him. But he phased her. The cab pulled up to the curb and she slid in, all the way over to the far side, as far away from him as she could possibly get.
Grigori's form barely fit inside the cab. He managed to make the seat look small and took up so much space she knew she was doomed. Nova looked out the window to avoid staring at him or would it be ogling?
"Where to?" the male driver asked. Grigori growled beside her.
"Take us to the Eclipse restaurant." She didn't look at the driver, but kept watching out the window as buildings passed. They blurred as she tried not to acknowledge the heat coming off the man beside her. She could feel his eyes on her. She wanted to look at him, but refused to allow herself. Instead, she crossed her arms over her chest. Her entire body sat rigid. If she moved, she might bump him, since he took up so much space.
The cab turned onto Fates Bridge. The sun sparkled through the glass, warming the inside of the cab. Nova didn't budge and tried not to breathe deeply. The silence lengthened between them and it was driving her mad. Why didn't he say something? What did she expect him to say? Instead of waiting for him to speak, Nova blurted, "What's the bond you were talking about?"
"Look at me when you speak to me." His accent was heavy. 
Nova's heart thundered in her chest so hard she was sure he could hear it with his dragon powers. She took a deep breath, mustering the courage to turn to him. Some part of her knew those eyes would see everything, that they wanted to see everything. Technically, she already asked and didn't need to say something else, so she kept her eyes focused out the window. What if he chose not to answer? Steeling herself, Nova would just have to handle the silence. It was better than being alone in the dark.
The silence stretched out again as they moved farther into the inner parts of Paradox City. She was pretty sure Grigori hadn't stopped staring at her. She shifted her shoulders. His fingers slipped around her chin and moved her head toward him. Surprised by his gentle touch, she didn't stop him. His hard glare met her eyes and she nearly whimpered. But the sound would never escape her lips no matter what he did. Nova swallowed the anxiety—no, not anxiety but excitement. She grabbed his wrist but he didn't let her chin loose. He hadn't hurt her, wasn't causing any pain, but his grip was firm. She could feel the calluses on his hand, the hair on his arm.
"Ask me again." He demanded it of her and want seared through her body like fire.

After Grigori's dragon scales are stolen, he catches a lead in Paradox City. The culprit? A sassy little thing who masquerades as him to make a sale! He might have found that adorable if she hadn't taken his dragon powers too. Intrigued by the female's abilities, Grigori set his sight on claiming what is rightfully his, and in the process, the female just might find her way to her knees.
Nova brokers deals on the black market. She doesn't ask what the products are and she usually doesn't care, not until her brother gets involved with Faceless, a mob boss. Toss in a dragon shifter searching for his stolen scales and Nova finds herself knee deep in trouble. When that sexy dragon barges his way into Nova's life, she refuses to give in to his demands… well, at least she tries to tell herself that. She doesn't expect Grigori to awaken a side of her she'd only ever thought about in the dark of night… an urge to submit she thought she could live without.

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Shifting Scales by Decadent Kane
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