Friday, January 13, 2017

Superstitions...Siberia: Knock 3 times -stay home

Most people carry around superstitions. Unlucky seems to be a huge fascination, and add Friday the 13th to any list and it basically explodes with superstitions. In my research to try and find more Siberia related information I didn't find a lot related directly to Friday the 13th, but Siberia, linked closely with Russia- has a lot of different superstitions.

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As I move forward in my journey to writing using Siberia I hope to explore some of these superstitions. One that I found particularly entertaining and possibly useful for my stories is this one from a blog back in 2016.

"In case a knife would fall down a man should arrive, if it is a spoon or a fork it should be a woman. If you don’t want that this person comes, you should knock three times with your knife on the side of the table and say “stay home”." ~Sarah from My Siberian Story

If you are going to write about a place...superstitions seems like a great way to start which for me has lead to a gold mine of ideas for stories as I move forward.

Here in the US, Friday the 13th is either celebrated by those who dig into horror movies or dreaded by those who find it unlucky.

My favorite Friday the 13th superstition: Don't let a black cat cross your path.
This apparently has to do with witches and the thought that witches not only use black cats for a familiar but can shape shift into one and possibly curse your path. At least that's what I grew up on.

What is your favorite Superstition- or the one you believe in the most?


  1. Superstitious are so fascinating... I love reading about them. For some reason, i was always brought up with my parents saying that if it rains on a special day, eg wedding, it's a sign of good fortune / luck :)

    1. Interesting- I hadn't heard that. If it rains I thought on a wedding or such it wasn't meant to be LOL

  2. When writing BLOODWALKER (the hero and half the characters are Russian), I researched lots of Russian superstitions and wives' tales. It was fun, although a lot of the wives' tales are the same as ours. The weirdest superstition to me is how many buildings are made without a 13th floor. I wouldn't want to live in any building built or owned by anybody who'd believe in such a superstition. What else might they believe? Put 12 rivets in a girder that needs 13 because 13 is unlucky? Have a great weekend!

    1. I hadn't ever considered whether I would or would not live in a building like that. LOL Superstition is heavy though in so many cultures and people beliefs. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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