Monday, January 16, 2017

My elf will be wolf cursed...

He's been bespelled as a wolf, guarding the elementals...She's the only one who can break the spell.

Today I start a brand new story that will go into my Trouble with Elves # 7. The only thing I really know is my male elf is in wolf form and my lady elf has to change him back.

Goal this year- write 2500 words a day! 

This story will be a novella and I already have a deadline with my editor on it.
Releasing this spring.

I get excited about new ideas like this. I actually can't wait until tonight when I can just dig right in. I'm using the last elf book, Traces of Poppy, as a booster point with the elemental forces. They always have an agenda.

What do you think? Male elf isn't a shifter, but he's a wolf...are you excited?


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