Monday, January 23, 2017

Have you reported reviewers?

Recently I ran into a odd position. I found a reviewer who was attacking/bullying in my opinion. It started on one of my books- this reviewer left a review talking about how "the author must be a virgin who has never even masturbated'.

Normally I let reviews go, let them slide off, most the time I don't read them but I had glanced down at a recent review to see that line and suddenly I clicked the review to see what was actually said.
The review ended up being reported and was immediately taken down, as I had discussed the review and my options with another author- 

What are you going to do in that kind of position?

Needless to say, I didn't get back to the review to report it as abusive, but it had been reported by another and swiftly removed.

At that point I started looking into if maybe the reviewer just really disliked my book so much, but upon further inspection of the review logs for the person on amazon, I found several other instances where the reviewer made similar remarks on other author's books- authors I don't know and yes I reported them.

I do believe in giving an honest opinion- I do not believe in bullying indie authors. 

Feel free to give authors one stars, two stars, three stars, but you do not need to attack them on any personal level- tell people why you don't like the book- whether or not an author is a virgin(or anything of the like) has no baring on your actual review.

I'm not really sure what motivates people to behave this way, but I don't think we should sit by and pretend like it's not happening, or roll over it because it's not our problem. 

When it happens to you, it becomes your problem too, and the more it's ignored the further it spreads.

Please, if you see bullying in reviews, report them.

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  1. Yes, people should stand up to stop bullying! I've not come across a review I considered bullying. Some not so nice opinions, but I never saw one directed particularly at the author.

  2. What a horrible thing to say. Glad someone else reported that person.

  3. That sounds nasty... what is wrong with some people. Good that someone reported them and it was removed.

  4. That's insane, D. I'm so sorry it happened to you!

  5. I hate bullies. They are the worst people there are. Glad you reported them.

  6. How awful! I'm glad they were reported. I haven't experienced this yet and hope I don't, but the more reviews you get, the more likely you will have someone do this.


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