Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Creating my days away...

Rainbows, hearts, and unicorn farts.

Bet that got your attention! It did mine when the new clay theme came out in a group of crafters I'm involved with. They do this amazing thing where the lead lady comes up with a theme for the end of the month- you have all month to create something new based off that theme and then submit it to her for approval in order to sell it in a group of people eager to buy your creations.

I have done this one other time, previously the theme had been Day of the Dead- and it was an amazing experience.
So I'm trying again this month...

Sneak peaky at my creation: If it doesn't get approved I will post about it, if it does get approved I will post about it. Either way the entire picture will get revealed...

Have a great Wednesday!

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