Friday, January 6, 2017

Controversial video...thoughts?

Just watch and then leave me a comment...


 and discuss...


  1. I totally agree. They need to change education up a lot!! Even my kids agree with this video.

  2. I would have to agree with this video myself. But I remember asking these same questions when I was in high school. And you would have thought I would have at least got to use all that math they taught me when I went to nursing school but nope...the pharmacist does all the measuring before it gets to the floor.

  3. Powerful video (& I have to say he's really cute too). But, I digress...I havery to agree we're taught too much that is never used in our lifetimes. My daughter actually has a shirt that reads, "another day gone & I haven't used any algebra". Maybe if we can get this video to go viral someone would listen & take the steps needed to bring about change.

    1. If you go to this singer's youtube page he actually has follow up videos for this.


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