Monday, January 2, 2017

Commitments to inanimate objects...

I know what you're thinking...what in the world does this post title mean...well don't be shy, walk in and find out. I promise it won't hurt...

One of the big things I tend to do is talk to things that don't talk back. Why in the world would I do this? Amusement, fun, joy, and because I can. Sometimes it just slips out and I don't even realize I'm talking to whatever thing happens to be in front of me...or flipping it off.

Behold, my 2017 commitments goals given to inanimate objects...

To the green pen that exploded...leaving it's trail of ink along my fingertips and papers:

Just because you exploded doesn't mean I won't write. Ya that's right little green monstery inky thing...I will be completing flash fictions regularly as well as several books for self publication. No don't you dare leak over there!

To the TV remote that tends to stick:

*slaps remote against my palm* You were supposed to exit out of Netflix...I will be doing more writing and engaging with others and not binge watching Supernatural. *remote doesn't listen well so I took the batteries out*

To the bedside clock with flashing blue lights:

Please turn off your brights as I snuggle in to read more books this year. *blue light blinks at me* Now listen- I intend to read at least 12 new books this year *flips clock sideways so the light can't talk back*

Now it's your turn- pick an inanimate object and in the comments tell it one of your 2017 goals. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

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