Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Taste of Thursday

Thursdays bring us little morsels of stories, enough to wet your appetite...
It's a time to find a new read, to enjoy a short little excerpt, and spend a few moments inside a story.
Come see what tasty treat I have for you today...

Today I'm featuring paranormal romance author, and Alpha Temptress, Mckayla Schutt. A little scene from her newest release Red Eclipse (book 1 in The Legend Series).


Olsen closed the gap between their bodies, and placed his lips on hers once more. Not wanting to let her change her mind, he unsnapped her bra, letting it fall to her lap. He tossed the piece of fabric on the floor and her hands moved to his boxers. Her fingertips grazed over his hard-on under the cotton fabric. He grabbed her hips tightly, and moved her back further onto his bed.

“You’re mine,” he growled as he yanked the small piece of fabric covering her waist. Her eyes flashed down to his own waist and she muttered a few words. A sudden breeze hit his cock, and he looked down to see his boxers had vanished.

“I have my own tricks,” she whispered. “Now, get in me before I change my mind.”

He placed his cock at her wet entrance. Slowly, he inched into her tight core; he wanted to take his time with her. She rocked her hips to meet him, and every thought of going slow flew away. She tilted her head back and moaned. A low growl rumbled through Olsen’s chest. Damn she feels amazing. Her hands roamed over his body, sending him into a frenzy. Olsen gripped her hips tight while he pumped deep and fast. His wolf wouldn’t let him slow down, he needed to complete the bond as much as he needed his next breath.

“Yes,” she moaned. Her hands gripped his arms, fingernails digging into his flesh. He pumped deep and fast into her, causing a twinge in his lower back. Pleasure rolled over his body with every moan and groan she let loose. A pull deep in his body urged him on. He continued his punishing pace until he felt his balls tighten as his orgasm inched closer. Alia screamed as her walls collapsed onto his cock, sending him over the edge. His mouth came down onto her shoulder, making Alia’s body shake under him. The imprint bond completed with an electric shock passing through their bodies.




Alia’s past is coming back to bite her in the ass when she saves a werewolf from a gunshot wound. As the imprint ripples under her skin, she needs to figure out if she can trust the sexy werewolf or leave him behind. A life in constant danger weighs heavily on Alia. As a witch she hates being on the run from her old coven. While falling in love can bring her tremendous pleasure, it also causes distress as she fears for Olsen’s life. Everything Alia ever knew about the world will be tested as she falls for Olsen.


Olsen knows two things, the woman who saved him is his mate and he can’t remember what she looks like. Something feels off as he searches for the woman but with a hunter in the area, Olsen must hurry and stay alert. As the second in command his pack has always come first but finding a mate changes everything. He will do whatever it takes to keep Alia and the pack safe. His strength as a werewolf will be tested while his emotions run deeper for the female who saved him.

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