Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Taste of Thursday

Thursdays bring us little morsels of stories, enough to wet your appetite...
It's a time to find a new read, to enjoy a short little excerpt, and spend a few moments inside a story.
Come see what tasty treat I have for you today...

Today's tasty treat is a little scene I wrote but haven't gone further with yet... It packs some heat *winks*


"You..." His words hung in the air as rope slid over her skin. His hot breath sending goosebumps down her neck. She tried not to squirm against him, but her wanton body refused to listen. He had her pinned face down on the bed and already she ached to have him inside her.

"Just. Want..." Again his voice in her ear, low, powerful, easily causing the throb between her legs. She most definitely wanted. He lifted and she whimpered from the loss of his naked body against hers. Pulling her arms behind, he tied them with the silky material. He drew the rope taut, wrapped it around her waist, and then wove it between her legs effectively locking them in place. She couldn't spread them. He pulled her ass up in the air and her juices slid down her thigh. She knew better than to speak before he allowed it, it was a bedroom rule. So she gasped instead at his manhandling. He knew every button to push and she adored every second of the torture.

"To trust me," he said. He was hard rubbing against the back of her thigh, slowly moving closer to her opening. She wiggled again, needing, lusting, begging as best she could with her body for him to take her knowing what would come next, how he'd punish her.

Her mouth opened and the words tumbled out, "On this... I do." He thrust himself so far inside her, her eyes rolled back with pleasure.


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