Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fated and Forbidden

Are you ready for a whole new series?  Me and ten other authors have gotten together to bring you all new books. Of course paranormal romance with shifters, dragons, and more.

Each book stands alone and it all starts with...

The Challenge by Kallysten

A free short story introduction that begins the entire series.

Sneak peek # 1 

“You believe their love can still my hand?” she asked in her coldest voice. “Fine. Let’s give them that chance. Let them prove once and for all that they’re beyond redemption.”

Sneak peek # 2

“I know each and every one of you,” Allendra went on, her gaze flowing over the semi-circle of beings. “... I know who and what you are. I know some of you are at war. I know some of you try to stop your kind from killing. I know some of you couldn’t care less what happens to other breeds or to humans. And I know all of this because it’s been that way for millennia, since the moment Zaan and I breathed power into your ancestors. Millennia of unending strife, skirmishes, or all-out war. Countless deaths. Enough pain and grief and tears to fill oceans in a dozen realms.” Her voice had grown harsher, colder with every word, and it was icy enough to shatter mountains when she said, “No more. I should have acted a long time ago, but I will not delay any longer. It ends now.”


Centuries ago, Allendra and Zaan, wielding the Source together, created supernatural beings they hoped would bring peace and harmony to the world. Instead, strife, feuds, and wars took their toll.

After lifetimes of watching her creations perpetuate misery and destruction, Allendra has had enough. She has been harnessing the power of the upcoming Blood Moon, and plans to strip every one of these beings of their supernatural powers.

Zaan, long estranged from her, returns to ask her to reconsider, but the Challenge she issues might be more than he bargained for…

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