Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Taste of Thursday

A little tasty taste of one of my wips...
I have not been writing as much as I'd like due to life happening and a day job, but I do like what I've got so far...

Enjoy... From my wip: Dark Burn


“I know what you are, little bird.” His voice came out so low, so smug.

Priya’s heart banged against her chest. She licked her lips and stood as still as possible. If he knew…did that make him a shade? Gran had warned her she’d run into them and they were relentless hunters, they always caught their mark. It was how she lost her father. It was why she remained the last in her lineage. Every bone in her body urged her to take flight, to get as far away as possible.

Nicholas stepped back. “I’ll be seeing you.”

Priya bolted, running for all she was worth until she found the tree line. She shifted mid jump over a log and flapped her wings as hard and fast as possible. Her bird form shuddering from exertion as the darkening sky embraced her. Her tail feathers caught flames just as they had when she was little, before she could control her emotions. Fear coiled around her heart as she concentrated on the drifts in the breeze, trying to calm herself so the flames would go out.


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  1. Fantastic emotion in this short piece!

  2. It feels like a dangerous encounter. I wonder what he really knows and what he really want.

  3. So much has happened in this brief excerpt but you caught my attention and I am flying with her in fear. This is an exciting beginning to this story. I hope you have time to continue.

  4. Sorry for my late response, but wow, that was an intense short piece; well-written.


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