Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Taste of Thursday

I have some tasty new moments for you in brand new characters and story.

I have agreed to be apart of a group of paranormal authors all working on a themed series called Fated and Forbidden. My title is Dark Burn.

Characters include A Shade and a fire bird- fated. He's the hunter and she's the prey. I only have 1k words down on them as of right now...but this will be a full length novel and will release sometime this year- later...much later...LOL

Tell me what you think in the comments.

     Gran Dala's body burned in the fire just beyond the small old cabin. Tears silently fell down Priya's cheeks as she walked away leaving everything behind except a single white feather, to remember the female who raised her. The acre of property Gran brought her up on, held lost memories. If she looked toward the cabin, she’d remember picking wild flowers for the kitchen table. Her stomach knotted as she looked right instead, reminding herself of why she wanted to leave. She was alone aside from nature. Beyond the cabin and trees, there was a big realm filled with others like her and Priya intended to find them. She tucked the only clue to their whereabouts, a scrap paper with a single name and a city, into her jean pockets as she moved forward.

     The familiar burn settled just under her skin, a rush of warmth, as pristine white feathers lengthened from her flesh. She magically absorbed the clothes internally. Her body compacted to a medium sized firebird, the human equivalent of a white tailed eagle but elegant. Priya smiled inward as her wings caught the air and she was whooshed up into the sky, the sun directly above keeping her safe from the shadows.

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  1. You write fast! Sounds like a very interesting character. I like the descriptions you use.

  2. Oooh, how sad and yet fascinating. I like the unusual pairing you have for the story. More, please!

  3. Sad! Yet who wouldn't want to be able to fly like that?

  4. Sweet transformation! I like the description of the wings in the wind. I also like that you took care of the clothes, they are so often forgotten.


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