Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Taste of Thursday

This will be the last little snippet from my current WIP: Traces of Poppy for a while as I have finished and handed it in to my editor. It will hopefully be releasing soon enjoy!

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    Poppy held the blade out for Idis. Once the steel left her hands, she felt cold and bereft as if the blade belonged with her always. Idis didn't need to tell her what to do next. Poppy climbed onto the wood alter and lay face up to the sky. The moon shone bright, the star twinkled like fae lights. A sense of calm engulfed her and she closed her eyes. She wasn't afraid to die. She wasn't afraid of what came next. Her family line would continue and deep down inside she knew in the very depths of her sixth sense that somehow she was helping the elements as well.

    "Mother Earth, please accept your daughter." Idis' words came out low beside Poppy.

    She felt the stinging sharp plunge of the dagger straight into her chest, her heart thumped and shock popped her eyes back open. The moon danced above, the stars swirled in the black depths of darkness.


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  1. She was very courageous. I really don't know how she could manage that, death is so scary!

  2. Oh my! Poppy is so brave. Can't wait to read what happens!

  3. Poppy is brave. Good for her! Sorry I missed the other teasers. "A Taste of Thursday" is a neat title for this feature though. :)


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