Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Taste of Thursday

Here is this weeks taste, again coming from my current work in progress- Traces of Poppy...
 Sexy scene:


Poppy's body hummed with need. The night air cooling her skin as he heated it right back up again with a kiss along her neck, trailing down. She arched up to him and his lips found her hardened nipple. She gasped as his warm mouth gently sucked the peak. The sensation zipped down straight to her core, she needed him inside her. If she was only to live for a few days more, she wanted to die at least knowing the pleasure of a male. He wasn't drow yet. She pushed all thoughts except the ones of his body out of her mind. She concentrated on the light flicks of his tongue across first one nipple, then the other. His hand had found its way between her legs and as if she were obsessed with the simple action her entire body tightened waiting for whatever his hand would do there...hoping he'd continue further. She closed her eyes, blocking out everything but his fingertips. The soft caress on her inner thigh, the he slid a finger inside and she moaned. His thumb fount her clit and her body let go in response encouraging him to keep moving. Tension built and she held her breath waiting for a release she was sure might never come until she tipped over the edge as he slid a second finger in and an orgasm wreaked havoc on her body.

"You're beautiful when you come..." His words were strained.

Poppy's legs shook as he continued his ministrations, stopping and starting to circle her clit, encouraging her body to give more. She wasn't sure she'd withstand another round of such intensity until his thumb gently pressed on her clit and he sucked a nipple into his mouth. Poppy bucked against him as need grew inside her. She wanted another orgasm. His fingers slid out and he let go of her nipple only to have the air breeze over it causing the sensitive peak to send another thrill to her core. Drayden slid his leg between her, pushing them open further. He picked her up by the thighs. Trying to keep her balance Poppy held onto the rock behind her...she'd barely noticed it before. She knew he was about to enter her and the anticipation had her biting her bottom lip.

"Are you ready?" he asked. His body tense waiting for her response.

"Please..." she whispered, keeping her eyes closed, her senses focused on her body and the heat from his. She knew there might be pain and when he slid partway in she felt a little uncomfortable, but she took him in easily. He pushed further and further, achingly slow until he filled her completely. She arched into him as her body hummed with lust, she wanted to rock against him, to increase the feeling pooling inside, to fall again off the edge.

He lowered them to the ground, her sitting on his lap. He put a hand on her chest gently pushing her back until she was in an arch before him, her breasts exposed and she enjoyed it. He leaned over the top of her, a whisper of breath her only que to where he was as it brushed across her skin until he found her breast. Drayden grabbed her hips and slowly started rocking her back and forth, each time her nipple would be warm with his tongue only for him to thrust and the air cooled it, back and forth at such a slow pace she thought he'd drive her mad. Her orgasm built, she could feel it rising higher and higher.


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