Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Taste of Thursday

I have some tasty new moments for you in brand new characters and story.

I have agreed to be apart of a group of paranormal authors all working on a themed series called Fated and Forbidden. My title is Dark Burn.

Characters include A Shade and a fire bird- fated. He's the hunter and she's the prey. I only have 1k words down on them as of right now...but this will be a full length novel and will release sometime this year- later...much later...LOL

Tell me what you think in the comments.

     Gran Dala's body burned in the fire just beyond the small old cabin. Tears silently fell down Priya's cheeks as she walked away leaving everything behind except a single white feather, to remember the female who raised her. The acre of property Gran brought her up on, held lost memories. If she looked toward the cabin, she’d remember picking wild flowers for the kitchen table. Her stomach knotted as she looked right instead, reminding herself of why she wanted to leave. She was alone aside from nature. Beyond the cabin and trees, there was a big realm filled with others like her and Priya intended to find them. She tucked the only clue to their whereabouts, a scrap paper with a single name and a city, into her jean pockets as she moved forward.

     The familiar burn settled just under her skin, a rush of warmth, as pristine white feathers lengthened from her flesh. She magically absorbed the clothes internally. Her body compacted to a medium sized firebird, the human equivalent of a white tailed eagle but elegant. Priya smiled inward as her wings caught the air and she was whooshed up into the sky, the sun directly above keeping her safe from the shadows.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Taste of Thursday

This will be the last little snippet from my current WIP: Traces of Poppy for a while as I have finished and handed it in to my editor. It will hopefully be releasing soon enjoy!

Here are other snippets from Poppy's story on my Tasty Thursday samples...
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Feb 4 taste

    Poppy held the blade out for Idis. Once the steel left her hands, she felt cold and bereft as if the blade belonged with her always. Idis didn't need to tell her what to do next. Poppy climbed onto the wood alter and lay face up to the sky. The moon shone bright, the star twinkled like fae lights. A sense of calm engulfed her and she closed her eyes. She wasn't afraid to die. She wasn't afraid of what came next. Her family line would continue and deep down inside she knew in the very depths of her sixth sense that somehow she was helping the elements as well.

    "Mother Earth, please accept your daughter." Idis' words came out low beside Poppy.

    She felt the stinging sharp plunge of the dagger straight into her chest, her heart thumped and shock popped her eyes back open. The moon danced above, the stars swirled in the black depths of darkness.


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Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Taste of Thursday

Here is this weeks taste, again coming from my current work in progress- Traces of Poppy...
 Sexy scene:


Poppy's body hummed with need. The night air cooling her skin as he heated it right back up again with a kiss along her neck, trailing down. She arched up to him and his lips found her hardened nipple. She gasped as his warm mouth gently sucked the peak. The sensation zipped down straight to her core, she needed him inside her. If she was only to live for a few days more, she wanted to die at least knowing the pleasure of a male. He wasn't drow yet. She pushed all thoughts except the ones of his body out of her mind. She concentrated on the light flicks of his tongue across first one nipple, then the other. His hand had found its way between her legs and as if she were obsessed with the simple action her entire body tightened waiting for whatever his hand would do there...hoping he'd continue further. She closed her eyes, blocking out everything but his fingertips. The soft caress on her inner thigh, the he slid a finger inside and she moaned. His thumb fount her clit and her body let go in response encouraging him to keep moving. Tension built and she held her breath waiting for a release she was sure might never come until she tipped over the edge as he slid a second finger in and an orgasm wreaked havoc on her body.

"You're beautiful when you come..." His words were strained.

Poppy's legs shook as he continued his ministrations, stopping and starting to circle her clit, encouraging her body to give more. She wasn't sure she'd withstand another round of such intensity until his thumb gently pressed on her clit and he sucked a nipple into his mouth. Poppy bucked against him as need grew inside her. She wanted another orgasm. His fingers slid out and he let go of her nipple only to have the air breeze over it causing the sensitive peak to send another thrill to her core. Drayden slid his leg between her, pushing them open further. He picked her up by the thighs. Trying to keep her balance Poppy held onto the rock behind her...she'd barely noticed it before. She knew he was about to enter her and the anticipation had her biting her bottom lip.

"Are you ready?" he asked. His body tense waiting for her response.

"Please..." she whispered, keeping her eyes closed, her senses focused on her body and the heat from his. She knew there might be pain and when he slid partway in she felt a little uncomfortable, but she took him in easily. He pushed further and further, achingly slow until he filled her completely. She arched into him as her body hummed with lust, she wanted to rock against him, to increase the feeling pooling inside, to fall again off the edge.

He lowered them to the ground, her sitting on his lap. He put a hand on her chest gently pushing her back until she was in an arch before him, her breasts exposed and she enjoyed it. He leaned over the top of her, a whisper of breath her only que to where he was as it brushed across her skin until he found her breast. Drayden grabbed her hips and slowly started rocking her back and forth, each time her nipple would be warm with his tongue only for him to thrust and the air cooled it, back and forth at such a slow pace she thought he'd drive her mad. Her orgasm built, she could feel it rising higher and higher.


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Top Ten Lines with Christine Rains

The Paramours Tour
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By Christine Rains

The Paramours – ghost hunting with a kiss. And there's a whole lot more steamy supernatural action going on than just kissing!

1. “Wait until you see the footage. He was a fully erect apparition.” (Ghost Dancer)

2. There was one thing that always got a poltergeist’s attention: sex. Not the boring old vanilla kind either. It had to be down and dirty, raunchy and passionate. (Poltergeist's Pleasure)

3. “Is this the part where we take off our pants?” (Lovelorn Spirits)

4. All six wooden chairs sat on top of the table, built into a pyramid with the toaster at the peak. It was the poltergeist equivalent of a standing ovation. (Poltergeist's Pleasure)

5. He was vivid. More so than even some living people she knew. (Ghost Dancer)

6. Breathe. Stay calm. She couldn’t kill him. At least not on a live broadcast. (Lovelorn Spirits)

7. Saying something at the same time as someone else was far more embarrassing than the sex. She and Miles were not in sync and would never be. (Lovelorn Spirits)

8. The drums imitated this rhythm of life and the silences between. The cycle everlasting. Death and life forever entwined. (Ghost Dancer)

9. A massive fire ignited within her. Purpose. Just like with sex, had she truly known it before? (Poltergeist's Pleasure)

10. Katherine had no delusions. She was dead, but Adam was still a threat. His rage had never died. (Lovelorn Spirits)


There was one thing that always got a poltergeist’s attention: sex. Not the boring old vanilla kind either. It had to be down and dirty, raunchy and passionate. Like the way newlyweds behaved. And the sort Claire was about to provide.

The Paramours had set up their ghost hunting equipment earlier in the day. A video camera stood at either end of the conservatively decorated house. Its open concept allowed for a complete view of all the activity.

Vivian fiddled with the thermal imaging camera, setting it on the kitchen counter and bending over to slide the cords out of the way. Her cute ass pointed upward and wiggled as she wedged the cords in between the shelves to where they could not be moved.

Claire patted her friend’s behind and let her hand linger. “Those new jeans look good on you. Are we ready to go yet?”

With the electronics in place, Vivian batted at Claire’s hand. She straightened and raised her brows with a silent question.

Yes, they were starting the test already. While Vivian could be cool and methodical about their investigations, Claire preferred to wing it. She loved surprising the spooks to get a reaction—and her friends, too.

The Paramours Series 

by Christine Rains 

GENRE: paranormal erotica


Ghost Dancer (The Paramours #1)

When Nina Azure’s talent as a ghost dancer doesn’t persuade a handsome phantom to talk, she entices him with sizzling sexual energy. Ben Moore’s spirit is tied to this world with guilt, but he breaks his self-imposed silence for the beautiful Nina. Lust makes him fully physical and she loses herself to desire. She must help him carry on to the afterlife, but her attraction to him is immensely powerful. She must push aside her own feelings and let him go—and perhaps find romance among the living.

Poltergeist's Pleasure (The Paramours #2)
Claire McKinney has a theory that poltergeists aren't evil spirits or negative energy. When she locates a powerful vortex at the center of a haunting, she discovers a gorgeous man trapped inside. Zendal cannot escape on his own, but if Claire can create enough sexual energy with him, he will be able to break free. Intense as their passion is, it does not release him from the vortex. Claire finds herself caught not only by the ominous portal, but by Zendal's carnal zeal as well. Can she extricate them from the trap or will they forever be its prisoners?

Lovelorn Spirits (The Paramours #3)
Vivian Ray does not like working with the suave Miles Walker, but he's the best medium in the paranormal business. When they are possessed by a pair of passionate ghosts, Vivian and Miles realize they might have feelings for one another. But it's difficult to separate their own emotions apart from the spirits', and Vivian doesn't want to believe she's in anything more than lust with Miles. There's something much more dangerous after them, though, and if they can't help the ghosts work through their past, the investigators could lose their own lives


Author bio and Links: 

Christine Rains is a writer, blogger, and geek mom. She's married to her best friend and fellow geek, and they have one brilliant son. Christine has four degrees which help nothing with motherhood, but make her a great Jeopardy player. She's a member of Untethered Realms and S.C.I.F.I. (South Central Indiana Fiction Interface). She has one novel and several short stories and novellas published. The Paramours is her second erotic series with Ellora's Cave. Be on the lookout for more in the near future.


Ghost Dancer:

Poltergeist's Pleasure: 
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Lovelorn Spirits:


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