Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tasty Thursday

I'm taking this snippet again from my current WIP Traces of Poppy. This is Drayden's point of view and is taken from the last section I wrote.


"How do I know you aren’t just trying to get close to me to suck out my soul? You ate the beast's soul didn't you?" She tied the material around her calf and began shoving things back in her bag, carefully keeping track of him at the same time.

He had devoured the soul of the wild creature out of instinct. He didn't mean to. His emotions had overwhelmed him. "You were in danger. Does it matter how I made the beast stop coming for you?" He had saved her, which was the right thing to do. Anger flared at her lack of gratitude toward his actions.

"It matters to me. Don't come any closer." She stood, wobbled, and regained her balance. She flung the pack around her shoulders.

"I saved your life. You wouldn't even be here if I hadn't come along!" He nearly screamed out the words as his skin seared with the heat of madness. His fist closed into a tight ball. "You are an ungrateful little—"

She bolted.

Drayden threw his arms up in frustration. How was he ever going to get her hair if he kept scaring her away? He sniffed the air and followed the smell of blood. In a blink he was right behind her. Another blink and he stopped in front of the female. "I can smell your blood. No use running. Or hiding for that matter."

She back peddled and headed for a tree. He blinked again blocking her off. Her breaths came fast and hard. Once she seemed to catch it, her lips thinned and she glared at him. "What do you want from me?"

"To help. You're hurt." He pointed at her leg. Once he earned some of her trust he'd try to get her hair. As it was, she wouldn't let him near her and he didn't see it happening anytime soon either.

"Drow don't help."

"I'm not an elfing drow!" Yet...

"Right because when you yell and your skin is all charred with your veins coming to the top like every other drow in this realm... you're what? A fairy princess?"

Drayden took an angry stomp forward. He clenched his teeth trying to bite back words he knew he wouldn't be able to take back. He cracked his knuckles and took a deep breath letting it exhale slowly, trying to regain some semblance of peace. She stood there and stared at him. "As I said the feral is strong, but I have not turned fully. I wish you no harm." He took a step forward and she stepped backward. She was going to run again. Drayden looked down at her feet anticipating the moment she would flee. Mere seconds. He blinked at the same time, grabbing a hold of her. He needed to immobilize the female...


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  1. AH, don't stop here. This is an excellently written fast paced scene, well delivered and visual to the detail. I want to read if he subdue's her. Now, what does she and he do next? Great Taster.

    1. Thank you Pablo. I appreciate the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Scary. How close is he to the edge? Thanks for the taste.

    1. Yeah he's pretty close... Thanks for reading!

  3. Excellent, fast paced taster that leaves me wanting to know more

  4. What a crazy situation! Can't he just ask for her hair? I wonder who I'm the most sorry for. Him because he is trying to remain himself or her because she has to deal with all the crazy while being hurt.


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