Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tasty Thursday

I've been working on Traces of Poppy still and here's a little snippet from that wip in Poppy's perspective...


     "You were expected. Is it safe to assume the nightmares have begun?" Idis poured water into a pot set in the middle of her hut with fire crackling below.

     Poppy put her hand up to her mouth unsure of how this human new of her dreams. She stuttered, "Yes." Then tucked a piece of hair behind her ear careful of the pointed end. I fear the feral has me."

     Dreams had always been a part of Poppy's family history...but hers were set in hell. At least Poppy's perceived hell...the drow. She knew what her nightmares meant. She came from a long line of elves who dreamed of their soulmate. Not in the traditional sense of seeing or hearing or even dream touching. Instead, as her soulmate drew nearer, her dreams would increase in strength, vividness, and frequency. It would be the only sign her mate could be found.

     While Mother always claimed the dreams would be pleasant, as hers were, Poppy found them hellmares instead. She could see in the very underbelly of the drow, feel the clutch of the feral's dark and twisted barbs. Perhaps instead of her mate, she would turn drow. That's why she'd gone to see Idis...she needed answers, needed a way to fix whatever horror her body faced.

     "The darkness doesn't have you child, but fate does," Idis said as she dropped herbs into the cooking pot.

     "Fate?" Poppy side stepped around the witch to get a better look at the females face.

     "She must bleed in the age of nightmares. Your mother, rest her soul, used to come to me for advice on the matter. You are fated to bleed in the age of nightmares and since your nightmares have come to blossom I can only assume the age is now."

     Poppy stared at the old woman, her gray hair pulled up, lines etching her face, but her eyes were so bright with intelligence. "Mother would have told me." The dread she'd felt upon entering coiled inside.

     "She had considered it. Was a topic of much discussion between us. But in the end, if she would have told you before you needed to hear it, you would have only obsessed over the fate possibly making it come to pass much quicker than it needed." The witch looked down at her pot.


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  1. Excellent taster, filled with chills

  2. This is a very good scene. I see the images you create. Love your term "Hellmares". You express a lot of originality. Cannot wait to read more.

  3. Nightmares are difficult things to discuss but I think they will pass. I just hope they are not premonitions.

  4. Wow. I love how you were able to come through with this scene. I got some chills off this one.


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