Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tasty Thursday

From my current elf WIP: Traces of Poppy

394 words

      Drayden could feel it heavy in his soul. An all-consuming despair that wouldn't go away unless he could find the one thing unique to him in order to cure the darkness lurking just beyond. He would end up the slave of an elf disease known as the Feral. Anger filled his heart, it wasn't supposed to come, yet here the Feral was to take over his essence, to corrupt it, to break him. Drayden flung his cup across the kitchen. It shattered along the solid wood wall. His body tensed and he ground his teeth. There was not an elfing thing he could do to stop it. No elf knew what would cure the Feral. Each elf either found the cure or didn't based on needs. And to become a drow, living underground because of a disease, to eat other elves' souls… Disgust gathered in his stomach and left a sour taste in the back of his mouth. He had to find a way to stop it.

      "Throwing things again I see. The Feral have you all choked up?" The voice came from the gnome, Wicka, Drayden hired to clean up. She was okay for a gnome. Her blonde ponytail bobbed as she stretched her short form up the wall to clean off the coffee.

      "Stay out of my business, gnome," Drayden warned. He didn't mind the species so much, but they weren't exactly high up in the elfin social structure either. They did odd jobs, most of them dirty. But they were good people in general. Happy little folks who sang a lot.

      "Wicka." She didn't even stop to look at him. They'd discussed her name several times over the last week since he'd hired her.

      "What do you know of the Feral?" Drayden propped his feet up on the chair next to him and slumped back to glare at her. His people didn't like to discuss their cursed disease to other species. He doubted a great deal that she knew much more than its name and that it had to do with elves. Most species knew two things about the elven race, there were elves and then there were drow. Hardly anyone other than an elf knew the drow were once elves.

      "I know of a witch who could help you cure it." Wicka turned to pierce him with bright green eyes.

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  1. Oh, it true or a ruse? What someone offers for nothing usually costs a great deal. Wonderful to have you back writing with us and sharing your fabulous elfin story lore. I love them! xo

    1. I'm so happy to be back. It's been a long year with lots of trials. Hoping this year goes better. <3 Thank you for your kind words.

  2. A very magical world. Welcome back!

  3. Curious to know what happens next. I hope the witch would help cure him, but is there a price to it? Great story.

  4. He is wildly underestimating her. I think he would have loved to be right though. He has a lot to learn about others.

  5. Ooh, I want to read more. Can't wait for your newest one!


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