Friday, January 8, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday: Owned Thoughts

Owned Thoughts

(100 words)

I gazed at the image of the dominatrix with three male subs. I would never be able to do what she could do. I ran my fingertips over the leather collar embracing my small neck. He owned me- body and soul. Owning another has never held interest for me. I enjoy being owned. The feel of someone having control over my body, His control. The power, the sacrifice of myself to his care.

As the woman stared down at me, I touched myself as Master demanded. Rubbing until my fingers coated in want...staring at a woman and thinking of Him.


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  1. Oh a sexy little flash. I like hearing her thoughts as she watches the scene.

  2. Fabulous take on this picture :-)

  3. Mmmmmm very hot and sexy, and spicy. I bet her mind is thinking now of the possibilities of having such control. Even if she only desires him. Clearly shows she has another deeper desire as well. Great flash!


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