Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Taste of Thursday

Here is a short snippet I wrote- I have not decided if I should expand this into a full story- what do you all think? Let me know in the comments if I should make this a full story...


"If they stay, I stay." Kilsa glared at the whisp handler. His bulky frame blocked her from moving toward the tiny creatures. "I won't let you kill them for their dust." If he wouldn't move, she'd invade his bubble and hope her elven aura had enough power to make him move.

" Kilsa... Step 'way or I'll be forced to handle ya as needed." The handler walked toward her. Kilsa stood her ground. The whisps had saved her a full moon ago, she intended to repay the favor.

"You. Step. Away." Kilsa let her outrage boil over. Her skin took on the red shade of her anger expanding her aura beyond her body, and crashed into his, knocking the brute of an elf on his ass.

His eyes bulged and his mouth fell open. Kilsa stared down on him as she stepped between his legs. "Give me the key." She held out her hand.

The handler closed his mouth and his grey eyes took on an icy look. Her skin chilled shooting goosebumps running over her flesh. His auro...he could do the same magic. Kilsa blinked, her teeth chattering uncontrollably.

"I think not li'l female." The handler stood dusting himself off. Kilsa frozen in place. "I'm damn sorry to do this to ya. But ya lef' me no choice." His large hand touched her cheek and his eyes softened.

Kilsa frowned. He had no right to touch her unless...

"They're for our weddin' love."


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  1. Excellent vibrant taster, you should definitely carry this story on

  2. Yes! More, please. :) Great tension and what a twist!

  3. I agree. This was a hell of a taster. And I enjoyed the twist in the end.

  4. Oh! I like it! I hope you do expand it. BTW I have a post this Thursday too. Just forgot to sign up. :(

  5. Oh my... that's some way to propose.


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