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Try the Demons... Interview Guest Post

Post by Elianne Adams
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I had the pleasure of interviewing, Decadent Kane, author of The Trouble with Elves, and Impure series. Having read Ribbon of Darkness, I look forward to reading more!

If you have any questions, or would like to leave a comment, for Decadent, please feel free to do so. We love author/reader interaction here!

Welcome to PNRLovers, Decadent.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am both an editor and an author. I love crafts and creating new things either in writing, clay, or whatever I come across that I find interesting. Only I don’t sew. Give me a thing of E600 glue and I’m solid, but don’t give me a needle and thread.

I also can’t cook worth a damn. LOL I tried to make package cookies once because my best friend said I shouldn’t buy store bought dough or made cookies. So she handed me this bag of cookie mix where I’m supposed to add the eggs and butter and oil. Sure that seems simple enough…yeah…not so much.

Somehow I ended up adding things- just like the package told me- but it didn’t come out like cookie dough. Instead, I had a crumbly mess I couldn’t even make into a ball and I called my best friend…

“Step away from the cookie dough,” she said.

I looked down at the bowl and laughed. “I can fix it right? Or you can?”

“Again step away from the cookie dough I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

True to her words, she showed up at my house a few minutes later. She looked at the dough and said, “If you want cookies ask me and I’ll make them for you. You’re grounded from making cookies.”

I still have no clue what I did wrong.

What book series (if any) have you written?

I have two series- my novella series: The Trouble with Elves, which follows a new elf couple in each novella and each one stands alone. They are all mainly a part of the same realm- other than the first novella, Ribbon of Darkness, which is set around Christmas and the North Pole. Basically the series just follows the trouble my sexy elves tend to get themselves into with plenty of heated scenes.

The second series is brand new and is called the Impure Series. I currently have Book 1, Impure Bargains, out which is a full length novel and it follows a mythos related to demons. It features magic, imps, Ba’al (mankinds nightmare), and of course romance with a whole lot of heated scenes. This series will follow the same couple and while I am trying to make each book mainly stand alone, it will benefit readers more if they have read each book. The plan is to have 7 books, each one following a sin/virtue without being overly blunt about which one it is until the very end of the book. I never actually mention which virtue will be played on, but the sin will be labeled at the end of the books.

You currently have seven books out. Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently if you had to start over again?

I would have tried to make my elf novellas a bit longer. I started out writing flash fiction and poetry, then moved to short stories. It’s hard for me to write longer length material. But I would have liked, looking back, for my first few to be longer.

Other than famous authors and industry professionals, who inspires you to write?

My best friend, my Manly Man, my “mom” figure, and my author friends are true inspirations to me.

Tell us about your Trouble with Elves series. The covers are gorgeous. Who does them for you?

The series started out with a publisher so my cover artist, Fiona Jayde, was with the publisher I had been contracted with. She freelances as well and she does amazing work. When the company went under, I bought the covers outright from the company. Fiona isn’t a cheap freelancer- and her work shows it.

She also worked hard with me on the covers, as female elves wasn’t her ‘big thing’ we had to make the ears just right which took a few tries.

I wanted a female on each cover to help the books stand together as a series- each one showing a bit of elf ear- and then the 5 novella print book- Elven Obsession is the entire elf series as I have them out now. Since it comes in print only I wanted it to stand apart from the rest but still have a connection to the novellas- so I put a male elf on the front instead.

What is it about Elves that have drawn you to writing about them?

Honestly, I was dared to write about them at first. I love Fae stuff, mainly fairies, and I’m very drawn to the paranormal romance genre with vampires, demons, witches etc… My elves just kind of made a spot for themselves inside my paranormal ideals and stayed there.

We all know what makes an Alpha an Alpha, what would you say are the traits of an elf that makes the different from other beings?

I think one big physical trait- their ears. My elves grow into their elf ears. When they are young, not matured, their ears are humanlike. But when they mature their points come to be…which is found in book 1, Ribbon of Darkness.

Another separate trait is the drow for my elves, which I made into a disease every elf carries, but only some actually succumb to it. The drow are underdwellers, after an elf has turned, they go underground and they live off souls from other elves…not drows. So I have made them the same and yet set apart as a species.

Your Impure series deals with darker creatures, demons and witches. Which have you enjoyed writing most, the elves, or witches, and demons?

That is a very tough question- I have enjoyed them both. Each series has its own qualities that makes me continue to write them.

The elves are by far easier to write. They are shorter to start as novellas, which means I can create them in a shorter amount of time. But they also have a elf like humor about them, they aren’t dark really, though they have a darkside to them.

My Impure series has really challenged me to up my writing abilities. I love challenging myself just as much as I enjoy writing. I’ve enjoyed the depth at which I have had to submerge myself in the Impure series, with the steady pace of one couple. I love the darker parts of Impure…the sexy Alpha aspect of my leading male- he has something my elves don’t unless they have turned drow.

I can’t choose one or the other.

Do you have anything specific that you’d like to say to your readers, or to new readers just finding you?

Don’t expect all my series to follow the same suite- each series I have are truly their own. While I do have my own writing style and genre preferences, I never want all of my series to be so structured you can find the same things in both. Every series I write will be intentionally different from the ones I have written before. So if you don’t like the elves, try the demons, and if you don’t like the demons, try the elves.

What’s in the works for you right now? When can we expect to see it released to the world?

I’m writing Book 2 in the Impure series tentatively called Impure Magic and I’m working on a new elf novella called Traces of Poppy. I’m hoping to release both in 2016.

We’d love to see an excerpt of you work. Do you have one you could share?
Excerpt from Impure Bargains:

Surprised by the female’s actions, Desiderus watched her run for a moment before his mind registered her actions. Her obsidian hair flew behind her with a strange bag slung over her small shoulders. In a way, he should have known Haven would bolt. Experience all but told him that. Many had run and failed. Desiderus shook his head and a grin spread across his lips. She wouldn’t get far and not just because she was naked. He had a pretty good idea that Haven didn’t worry about her loss of clothes as much as she worried about what he might do to her. He would have loved nothing more than to chase after her…but she needed to be taught a lesson, to understand what it meant for him to have her name, for him to be in control.

After quickly making Ba’al’s sign in the air in front of him, a toad with a circle, magic flickered into the sigil like sparking a match. The sign brightened to an orange color. Desiderus had been a demon so long it took seconds to create. Under his breath, he let her name roll off his tongue in one easy motion, “Haven Rowe.”

The color of the sigil sprinkled away on a breeze and black smoke swirled. Haven’s image slowly began to appear, little by little, tantalizing, as if she somehow knew he wanted her body, far more than he had any other mortal female. Her legs came first, the lazy curve of her hips, he groaned with the swell of her heaving breasts, and finally her face construed in a perfect scowl piercing him with those damn blue eyes.

“Running will do you no good, Haven.” Inside lust coiled around his core, urging him to do anything but stand there looking staring. Her skin shimmering with sweat, making his tongue slip out to lick his lips. He swallowed a groan at the thought of tasting her tanned flesh. Lost in his erotic notions he didn’t see her foot until it was too late and a sharp jolt of lightning like pain raced up from between his legs, shooting over his spine and slamming into the base of his brain. Colors formed in his eyes and he blinked it away as his stomach churned. His knees weakened, but he kept himself standing somehow, adrenaline replacing the pain as anger mounted inside him like a lion.

“But that does demon.” Haven turned to run for the second time and despite the throbbing radiating from his balls, Desiderus reached out for her, latching fingers around an ankle that had come up from the ground and Haven fell front first into the dirt with Desiderus falling on top of her.

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  1. Wonderful interview!
    Thanks for sharing this. Can't wait for Book 2. I love Desiderus. He's so sexy ;) I look forward to Traces of Poppy as well!
    Thank you for your books. You create awesome places to escape into.


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