Thursday, December 3, 2015


I'm an indie paranormal romance author with a pen name taken from a burlesque name generator and began my career on a dare...

The fae, magic, and mystical worlds of possibility are carved into my soul. When I write my stories I pour all of my heart into what they whisper. I'm the kind of lady who will stare off into space to better understand my characters thoughts, listening to them speak their own version of the story.

I'm a mother of two girls and several furbabies. I'm engaged but have no intention of getting married.
Like most authors I've been writing most of my life and have dreamed of being an author since the 5th grade.
When I write, I write to explore characters and a world first for myself. Then I revise, edit, and publish for readers.

I have lived in the same town in Wyoming all of my life...barely actually leaving the state. I like routines and schedules and things staying the same...while I understand change is inevitable...I don't always welcome it with open arms. Perhaps that's why writing is important to me- it is the one thing I can handle the constant change of...the one thing I have control over despite the change as well.

My hope is to provide an entertaining read to my audience, and whether it's a short one or long one, take their minds off their own lives for a small period of time.