Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Which am I?

There's always a wide range of who does what in writing, particularly how they plan their stories. The big constructs being are you a pantser or a plotter?

Those are some giant categories! Seriously...the way we set everything out to write often reflects our style as an author, the way we think in terms of story, characters, etc...
Pantser- flying swiftly by the seat of their pants.
Plotters- using structure and outlines to really bring about what they want.

I don't fall into either category, and yet I'm both at the same time.
I can't categorize myself into either category because, let's face it, the minute I put myself in that box it will be hard for my brain to take me out.
Yet I'm both because I use both techniques when I'm writing my stories.
But I also use more that doesn't really fall into either category.

Dares have been apart of my creating a story.
Writing groups have been a part of creating my story.
Discussing random facts, characters, writing things with friends have been apart of creating my stories.
Sleep has even taken part in creating my stories.

Can these be defined by either pantsing or plotting- I'm sure if I try really hard I could compartmentalize into both, either or.
But I won't.

I'll claim the I create therefore I have stories role for myself.
But you can call me depantsing plotter ideals to make room for dares, friends, groups, and dreams type of creating a story.

If you could name your own category for creating a story- just for you- what would you name it?


  1. Depantsing plotter - funny!
    I'm an avid plotter with room for a little pantsing. (Wow, that sounds bad, doesn't it?)

    1. It doesn't sound bad. LOL I kind of like it. :)


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