Saturday, August 1, 2015

Trouble With Elves Series

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In paperback all 5 novellas in one edition. 

Something elven this way comes...

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An old family secret draws Ribbon into 
an Elven world while Draven is forced to 
find a way to drag her back home to save 
Christmas magic.

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 Breaking a goblin's curse is more difficult than 
Clover thought. Especially when love and 
nightshade are crucial ingredients.

Stolen souls, an evil drow elf, a dark eyed beauty named Pepper, and a king who doesn't take kindly to the loss of his goods...Captain Joren Steele has his hands full.

Two bounty hunting elves must put aside their attraction when a malevolent fairy comes up for grabs. Cayenne and Hawthorne both need the twenty gold reward, but only one can walk away with it.                      

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When a package magically shows up in Rue's home, she'll have two choices. Either do as Gage demands, or standby as an elf is tortured.

The elementals require her sacrifice or they will end her bloodline forever.

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