Monday, August 31, 2015

How I met my character Desiderus

     As an author I'm often asked where I came up with my characters, but how I met them is new to me.
     Meeting a character and coming up with a character are two vastly different things in my opinion.

     Coming up with a character is hair color, eye color, ideas for their demeanor etc...sometimes even basing them off someone you might know.

     But actually meeting their personality is like being bombarded in my head with a new voice telling me things I may not believe but someone in there does. 

     Desiderus had always been back in my mind somewhere, waiting I think. After I wrote my short story, Demon Song, Desiderus decided to step into the light.

     He whispered to me about his mythology, how Baa'al created him. He told me about his dark soul and his once human life. After listening to him for a while I decided to write his story, well his and Haven's. 

     Interesting fact- in nearly all of my books, stories, etc I meet the male characters first. The only story I didn't was in A whisper of Rue, where Rue was my main lead.

     Did you expect me to have met/come up with Desiderus or Haven first?

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