Monday, June 1, 2015

Prince of Whispers

"Tell me, lovely Ruby, how many men have you killed?"

For a moment, she stared at him, distracted by his compliment, then struck by his question. "Too many," she replied as she fingered the bow at her side.

"Not with an arrow, at a distance," he said, leaning closer, his gaze riveted to hers, his blue eyes piercing her own. Her heart fluttered and pounded. He continued, his voice low, his words deliberate. "I mean, plunged your blade into their chest, felt the grind of bone against the blade, and watched the life drain from their eyes."

Ruby opened her mouth to answer but snapped it closed. The truth was, she hadn't, but she could not bring herself to tell him. She wasn't proud of the fact that she had killed anyone at all, but something in his expression made her want to earn his approval. But that was ridiculous. Why should she care what a pompous noble's son thought of her? She pressed her lips together.

"That is what I thought," he said, the corners of his mouth twisting up.

"Does it matter?" she snapped.

"It does. What if one of your rescues goes awry and a bandit has you pinned, ready to rape you or worse? Your bow cannot save you. Will you let him take you any way he wishes and then steal your last breath with agony and pain?"

She stared at him, her jaw clenched tight. "I shall defend myself as necessary."

"Even if that means slitting his throat?"


His eyes narrowed. "I do not believe you. I could take a blade to your throat right now, and you would let me live."

Ruby slapped him, the crack of her palm against his cheek louder than she had anticipated. His smile widened, humor dancing in his eyes as they focused on her. She raised her hands to strike him again, and his hand encircled her wrist.

Within a breath, he straddled her thighs, his hands around both wrists, effectively pinning her against the tree. She glared at him as he sat on her lap. Ruby jerked her body, trying to free herself. His hold tightened.

"Get off of me," she ground out from between her teeth.

"I told you," he said, leaning closer so his breath whispered across her cheek. "You could not take me."

"Let me at my dagger and I shall prove it." Ruby met his gaze. Her mind raged at her, screaming at the imminent danger. Her body betrayed her as her back arched toward him, her breasts brushing against his tunic.

"Not today," he said as his lips claimed hers.

The kiss went straight to her head, pleasure surged through her mingling with her anger. Indecision swirled through her mind like a whirlpool. The more she fought him, the harder he leaned against her, sliding his body along hers. Delicious friction played between them. Sparks of desire ignited inside of her. Even though she did not want him, she wanted what he offered. A hunger she could not even recognize had awakened.

The pressure of his kiss shifted as he tasted the seam of her lips. Ruby opened her mouth in a gasp of surprise, and he took advantage, slipping his tongue into its moist warmth. She thrashed against him, indignant at his actions. A slow heat unfurled in her belly, reaching up and out, fogging her thoughts, stealing her will to fight him. His tongue slid against hers, and she moaned against his mouth, her resolve crumbling to ash. She met his passion, tasting him for herself, the flavor of whisky and temptation drawing her deeper. His grip on her loosened a bit as she arched against him, wanting more contact.

He nipped her lower lip between his teeth and drew it into his mouth. She groaned as he released her hands and cupped her face between his palms to kiss her again, deeply. Ruby clutched at his shoulders, digging her fingernails into him.

"Such fire," he whispered against her lips. "You burn for me, do you not?" He slipped his fingers over her throat, trailing down to the string at the top of her tunic. With one hand, he loosened the knot and pulled the material back, exposing her chest and the soft curve of her breast. His eyes held hers. Her breath came in rapid pants as his touch drifted lower. He was right; she was on fire. "Shall we let it consume us?"


Dear reader...

If you are expecting a traditional medieval tale or charming prince, you will not find it here. I am not like other men for I have a voracious appetite and will appease it no matter the cost. Do you doubt my confession? Then I invite you to step into my kingdom.

Women were created for pleasure, tis my obligation to see them fulfilled. When I whisper, they come to me. All save one...Lady Ruby. I can see the desire in her eyes even though her pure and noble heart fights against it. She may be an outlaw, but a rare gem such as she has never been found in Meradin.  She is my challenge, my penance, and my weakness. Nothing short of Almighty God Himself can keep her from me. I shall possess her. Ruby is mine.

Dear reader, will you begrudge me your company when you learn of my past and how wicked I can truly be? Or will you come to me willingly, surrender yourself to my charms, and beg for more? Surely my tale of intrigue, murder, and treason will be enough to tempt you to sin with me if only for a short while. Come with me, and I will lay myself bare.

Crispin Saville


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About the author:

Jen Bradlee can get away with murder, metaphorically speaking of course. She is a sensual woman who enjoys people watching, belly dancing, and taking walks in the rain. Give her a man who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and plays hard. The ones with rough edges and a little scruff are the best. She finds cathartic release when she pours all her fantasies and desires into her writing. Comes with a warning label. "Too hot to handle."

Her sexy romantic side comes out in her writing. Inspired by Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch, she creates characters who have multiple facets to them...the gentleman in the streets but with a wild, dangerous side behind closed doors. She loves villains and anti-heroes, bad boys and irredeemable men. We all have a dark side, sometimes it must be freed.

An intense introvert, Jen finds it difficult to interact with people in person, but online is a whole different beast. So send a message, strike up a conversation...she promises not to bite...hard. *wink*


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  1. Wonderfully hot teaser! Congratulations to Jen! Tom and Benedict are great inspirations... mmmm....


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