Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Free Book: Ribbon of Darkness

She felt the bulge against her ass and grinned. She'd torment him as much as possible, and then maybe they'd be even.

Draven turned her around in his arms. "I'd suggest you watch yourself if you wish to keep your clothes while we walk the next few miles to the Pole. I have absolutely no qualms about taking you right here, snow and all." Draven leaned in close to her face. His lips hovered over hers, causing Ribbon to bite her lip just so she didn't close the small distance between them. "Trust me, Donella, when I tell you the cold will be the last thing on your pretty little mind." His eyes slid half-closed.

Ribbon remained quite sure he'd already undressed her in his mind. Even worse, she hoped he had. Good grief! Her mind needed a serious adjustment. He had kidnapped her, a spy sent to take her back. A hot, dangerous man and she thrived on it. There had to be some seriously twisted genes in her family for her to even think about her captor this way.

She licked her lips and stepped back. His eyebrow shot up in a challenge and he gave her a panty-dropping grin, the kind that said 'go ahead and do it.' Ribbon wasn't sure she was ready to take on Draven North in that sense. Despite the total lack of fear on her body's part. It was a good thing her mind took over. But she leveled with his stare nonetheless. After all, backing down from a predator only encouraged him to chase.

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