Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Paranormal Wednesday: Tempting Clover

This is the first time I'm joining Paranormal Love Wednesday, which is a weekly meme.

The rules:
Your post can be an excerpt or a quick blurb of your choosing- no more than four paragraphs in length. You must place a link sending people back to this page.
All posts must go live by 6 am EDT/EST- USA time Wednesday Morning.

I am choosing to post a blurb today- keeping in short and easy from my elf book: Tempting Clover

For two years, Clover has been at a goblin's beck and call. Two years of no orgasms. Until she heard a rumor the sage witch could help her break the goblin's curse. There's only a few minor details, like how would she find love on short notice and how deadly are nightshade berries?

Reed's life was simple—own a bar, walk to work, fight a little. He didn't expect to tangle with a wanton elfess who disappeared on him not once but twice. Let alone save her from a depraved goblin. He'd sworn off women like her for good, so why did he feel the need to protect her?

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  1. I'm reading "Elven Obsession " ... Again ☺️ Loving it just as much if not even more!


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