Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Paranormal Love : Featuring Torie James

This is the first time I'm joining Paranormal Love Wednesday, which is a weekly meme.

The rules:
Your post can be an excerpt or a quick blurb of your choosing- no more than four paragraphs in length. You must place a link sending people back to this page.
All posts must go live by 6 am EDT/EST- USA time Wednesday Morning.

All this week we have a feature guest- Miss Torie James paranormal romance author:

The following is taken from her WIP: Let's hear from her...

One of my all time favorite movies is The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, starring Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison. Once a year, my mother and I watch it together, it's our "thing".

I've always wanted to write my own ghostly love story but they can be tricky in various ways. I finally bit the bullet though and began work on "Twilight's Fair". It's got a few of my favorite things: Scotland, Hot Ghost Dude and did I mention Scotland?

So, meet my new friend Kinsley, a woman tottering on the brink of defeat.

Voices, however, she'd had enough of and reached for one of the 6 pill bottles on the nightstand, deftly plucking one from the rest. Her auditory hallucinations weren't a result of a psychosis, so there was no actual medicine to treat her. She refused to take anti-psychotics, scared it would do irreparable damage to her already battered brain. She noticed it only flared when she grew irritated or anxious, thus she had grudgingly accepted the doctor's recommendation of Halcion, in its lowest doseage. Sedating her brain activity afforded pockets of relief from hearing things. Thinking things.
What's happened to you, sweetheart?
Uncapping the bottle, she shook out a pill, popped it into her mouth and took a swig from the glass of water Clare had brought her earlier. Well, thank you for asking, Voice in My Head. Let's see. Life. Life happened. I grew up, got a job, made a career, married, divorced. Lost my mom, my mind and my job after I found drugs. Lot of fuzzy time in between in which I did some pretty shameless things to keep my fix going. Woke up one day, decided this was my story and since I was holding the pen, it was time for a rewrite. Got clean, got a new job and got engaged. But instead of planning a wedding, we opted for a funeral after I killed my stepdad. That about sums it up. Oh, and my fiancé dumped me because my face is no longer pleasing to the eye. Anything I left out can be found in the brochure. Grab one on your way out. I'm here all week, try the veal!

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  1. I can't wait to finish this one! Merci beaucoup my good friend!


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