Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Marketing: Getting creative with what's available for authors

Today's post is all about possibilities, those strange beautiful things you don't realize you're missing until you stumble upon them one day and say :What a fabulous idea- why haven't I thought of that before.

Why indeed. I have a theory! It wasn't thought of because sometimes our brains run with the masses. Throw everything into free promoting via facebook- twitter, utter chaos ensues and pretty soon we have author friends and friends of authors and feeds of buy this book or this one's on sale today.

Today I want to flip your thoughts upside down. Let's think out side the small facebook status, the 140 characters for a moment and consider how reach beyond the words and play with creativity instead.

As I scrolled through my facebook I saw something, lost in the lumps of promos, marketing, and drama and what I found blew me a way. Believe it or not it was so simple....a business card. Okay I know well what the hell is so great about a business card? That all depends on what you think you can do with it.

The business card image I came across was from a fellow author who wasn't able to get bookmarks for a good price so improvise seized the day and this author took a business card and made it a smaller version of a book mark. Book image on the front, blurby writing on the back. And it was free!

Moo gives out a free sample pack: 10 business cards: to design anyway you like- use your own images. Free shipping to most places. That's ten possibilities- or endless possibilities depending on what you come up with to help you market your book besides your name, your occupation and your phone number.

I took advantage of this free promo opportunity. I made specialty collector cards. On the front is my favorite book cover of all my books. On the back (because you can pick ten different images for the back of the cards) I put 1 of my handmade drawings of my characters on the backs- effectively giving me two full sets of 5 collectible cards.

So right now you have two ideas for business card use other than a generic business card. Come on let's think out side the box here. I found a post by Writer Unboxed : Unboxed Business Cards : It's worth the read- find out what another author did with business cards in an unconventional way.

1) Use as a smaller version for book marks.
2) make your own collector cards.

let's see what other possibilities could I come up with to help you break the go outside the comfort zone... to be creative?

3) Use as character cards.
4) Make your own "business card size" deck of cards. They might be a mini version- but possibility nonetheless.

5) Put fan art on the card.

6) Collectible quotes from your books.

7) Small teaser to add to marketing bags at conferences or as part of a prize bag.

8) Design the cards so you could use them as a mini booklet. (a 1 hole punch would be great to ribbon it together for a special promo piece.)

9) Think about what your book is about- what facts could be put on the cards mixed with your cover image? 

10) Make a game out of them, or if it pertains to a theme in your book make flash cards out of them.

11) If you are apart of a small publishing company- get them to use as giftcards for your publisher's site, or your books on the site- something they can only get buy what's printed on the cards.

The main point is to make it unique for your books, make it yours, make readers remember, have fun, and be creative!



  1. Just like what you described with the business cards you can do with post cards. They are bigger and there's more room. :)

  2. Collector cards - good idea!
    And sorry Kane, your posts aren't appearing in my Feedly for some reason...


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