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Cold Nights Hot Reads Giveaway

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~~~~~~~~~Excerpt ~~~~~~~~~~

Hawthorn stood before her. Dark hooded eyes, broad shoulders filling up the space, and every bit the male she had seen a few hours ago. A jar of honey in his hand.

"What are could––"

"I find you?" His voice rolled out calm and deep, slipping over her and moistening her panties.

"Yes. Find me." She swallowed. She looked at the jar of honey and back to him. His gaze bore into hers, and she averted her eyes opening the door. "Come in."

He walked over the threshold, his boots thumping softly on the floor. "I have a knack for finding the things I'm after." He grinned.

Cocky bastard. She shut the door and crossed her arms. "And what are you doing here?" Inside, butterflies tossed in her stomach. She wanted him to say he'd come for her but, at the same time, was terrified at the thought of hearing him say it. Her mind jumped from one side to the other. Her hands fisted her shirt where he couldn't see.

"I told you I'd find you." He took one long stride toward her. "We left things a little..." He took another step, and she backed up until she hit the wall. "Steamy." His voice dropped so low she barely heard the last word. Her heart hammered at her ribcage.

"What...ah." She cleared her throat. "What do you want?"

Thorn put his free hand on the wall beside her, and she melted into him. How had he gotten so elfing good at teasing her? "I want you of course," he said, his lips barely above hers.

She could feel the heat blazing off them, and her body arched to kiss him.

Thorn backed away.

Cayenne shook her head, trying to filter out the effect he had on her. Damnit, why did she want him?

"I assume your sister has turned in for the night?" He circled the large area, eyes darting over the sparse space.

"Yes." She moved away from the wall, hoping he wouldn't make her want to retreat back into it and remained a little worried she wanted him to.

"And which one is yours?"

Cayenne pointed to the door to the left. Her hand shook as she pushed it back underneath her arm to keep him from noticing. Partially disgusted with herself, she wondered why she reacted this way. It wasn't like she hadn't slept with him before. But somehow, this seemed different. He knew what he was getting into, she thought she knew what she was getting into, and the air around them crackled with attraction, or maybe just lust.

Thorn didn't wait for her permission. He closed the distance swiftly between them, grabbed her hand, and tugged her toward the bedroom. The door opened to darkness, and when he walked in, it engulfed his large form. She followed. With every step, she not only knew what was coming, but her body slicked in want of him. Flashes of their last sexual encounter after the bar entered her head, and she groaned inward. She hoped she'd forgive herself in the morning.


For a chance to win A Hint of Cayenne (ebook) or any other ebook from my backlist Plus a set of handmade (by me) wire elven ear cuffs- Just leave me a comment and a link to contact you if you win. 
Winner will be chosen via March 2nd

Two bounty hunting elves must put aside their attraction when a malevolent fairy comes up for grabs. Cayenne and Hawthorne both need the twenty gold reward, but only one can walk away with it.

Cayenne and Hawthorn go toe to toe as they compete against each other, and their attraction, for a bounty that could solve everything...for one of them. Hawthorn has a gambling debt to pay, and Cayenne wants to provide a real home for her sister.

Heat flares between the two despite their differences, which infuriates Cayenne to no end. Hawthorn wants to wring Cayenne's neck, right after having his way with her. However, his gambling demons come back to haunt them both. The dark drow don't take kindly to having someone welch on their debts. Can Hawthorn get out of trouble with a dark elf before Cayenne and her sister pay the price?

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  1. Great Excerpt! I was pulled into the story........
    Kathy Heare Watts

  2. Off to find this book, that was an great excerpt!
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  3. Awesome excerpt. Pardon the pun but it sounds sweet.

  4. Great excerpt. It sounds sweet, lol

  5. I love elves! This book looks great! Thanks for the excerpt!

  6. Great excerpt, one question WHAT'S THE HONEY FOR!??! Naughty minds like mine need to know, thanks for the great hop and have a great night!

  7. Need to know what happens next. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Yay, yay, yaaaay! I just adore Elven and Fae romance. Where have you been hiding? I am absolutely giddy right now.

    blueshedevil32 (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. Fantastic teaser! And im dying of curiosity, where does the honey come into play? I want more! Definitely cant wait to read it and see what hes up to! lol Thank you for sharing! And awesome cuffs! So cute! Youve very talented! Thank you!


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