Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Taste of Thursday: Bound by Fate WIP

Torie James is with us today, sharing a new WIP called Bound by Fate... Enjoy the tasty.

I'm still working hard on Bound by Fate, my nod to mythology and a certain Fate. I truly cannot wait to share her story with you all. It's the greatest love story almost never told. *chuckles* Here's Le Peak…

"Tell me."

Soren growled at her command, a thousand sharp and bitter words on the tip of his tongue. It took a great deal of control to not succumb to the vicious need to push her away. When he finally spoke, a dark undercurrent of danger lent credence to each word.

"You don't command me, Goddess." He turned to go but the slight heat of her fingers on his arm stopped him, another low snarl falling in the air between them.

"I'm not commanding you as Goddess. I'm asking you as a friend."

Soren sneered, not making eye contact but rather staring fixedly just over her head. "You aren't my friend either."

The soft gasp that followed had him tensing and it was then he finally met her gaze, damning himself for putting that sheen of misty tears there. Her eyes, normally violet, were light blue with the hurt his words caused and even as his head screamed to leave it be, he couldn't.

"You want to know? Fine..." He closed his eyes for a moment, the rich blend of lavender and vanilla teasing his senses before he opened them once more. Slowly, his left hand dove into the snowy, silky curls of her hair, his palm cupping her head, keeping her from moving.

"I'm jealous of everything that touches you. Your bed sheets that get to touch you as you sleep. The wind when it dances around your body. The water in your bath. The sun when it rises, kissing your lips with light, But do you know what I'm most jealous of, Bit?"

He turned and looked up at the silvery moon, its glorious radiance painting the night with seductive strokes of light. "I'm jealous of the fucking moon. Because it knows all your secrets, it wraps around you at night and holds you. It listens to your dreams and fears and watches you as you drift off. Like now, you're standing here, with me and the moon lights you up and I swear I will never see anything as beautiful as this. As you. Damn you, Cloie. Damn you for showing me this type of radiance and then making sure I would be blind to all else."

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  1. Oh, how eloquent, how romantic, how obsessed. I love the last passage, the fluid brush of glittering words strung together like diamonds laid open and bare at her feet. That was brave. How you describe her tears, the changing color of her eyes (and that he is so observant) and his guilt at being the source in one sentence was so compelling. I am jealous of your wordsmithery so I know how he feels....xo

  2. Muffy, you just made my day! Hand to heart, thank you. This WIP is very special to me for countless reasons and to have you offer up that warm praise did me a world of good. <3

  3. Very intense exchange. He expresses himself very well.

  4. This is a great scene, Torie, thanks for sharing! I can't wait until this comes out.

    1. AGame, you are a treasure indeed! Much of Cloie's happies include you mister!

  5. I enjoyed this taste...may I have a little more please?

  6. I think that's one of the best love declaration ever. I love it. I read a lot of love story lately and I haven't come across that kind of poetic eloquence that rung true. Really well done!

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! Its a bit hard to properly convey the feelings between these two, there are many and they are all passionate. I truly hope to be able to d both characters justice!

  7. Wow, I liked this piece. I was hoping to read more, since I got lost in the story. Great piece.


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