Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Taste of Thursday: NaNo snippet # 2

I found a title for my NaNo demon story: Impure bargains. What do you think?

Anyway- last we left the characters, my demon had asked why he was summoned from his threesome...if you want to read that fun little snippet please CLICK HERE

Here's the next part of the same scene...

She licked her lips, resigning to what she knew would be her second mistake today and turned around. She careful maneuvered her body so she didn't touch his erect penis and tried not to look down. His chest was what she focused on unable to look up and meet his gaze. Despite her best efforts she had a sudden urge to taste him. All she had to do was slip out her tongue and...No! She wouldn't go there. Why did a demon look so tempting? Internally she berated herself. Of course he would, he was sin fucking walking.

The demon put his strong hand under her chin, carefully lifting it. She averted her eyes still not ready to face him. When had she turned into such a prude? She was no virgin, no little woman. She was a strong fierce person, a snare. So why was it so difficult to be that strong person around him? It had to boil down her lack of a sex life.

"Look at me, Haven."

Grinding her teeth, she looked up. That was her third mistake of the day. The dark desire she saw in his eyes only heated her inside. Demons knew things about their summoners and he was playing it up. He knew things she probably didn't even admit to herself. She hated him knowing anything personal at all about her, let alone how to turn her on. She grabbed on to that anger, squeezed it, pulling it into her core snuffing out the desire to touch the creature. She needed to keep reminding herself he was a creature, not a human. Ok well he said he was once human, which of course made sense, but he wasn't now so it didn't count. He was demon and not just any demon. He was powerful enough that Baal sent him in place of himself. Which only lead Haven to believe Desiderus would be Baal's right hand, acting on his behalf in all things outside of hell. And it would be just her luck to get the one demon she might not be able to outsmart.

"I will ask you one more time." He bent over where his lips were just above hers, their eyes locked in what Haven was sure would never end. "Why have you summoned?" His question brushed heatedly across her mouth and she swallowed a sigh that would have melted her into him, begging for the promised kiss he tempted her with. 

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  1. Of course, he was irresistible, he was "sin fucking walking". That is a great line! I think her lack of sex life is about to change. I can't wait to read THAT one. xo

  2. Playing with fire and about to be burned. Great piece.

  3. Oh wow, you had me hooked here! I love your work, and I'm going to have read your previous post. Very interesting piece.

  4. I feeel her desperation and reluctance in allowing him to take control. You have defintely instilled this emotion in her in this scene.

  5. So erotic. I'm totally hooked. I want to know how long till she gives in to his demon charms. She's faltering, her willpower is teetering on the edge now. Great taster

  6. There is no way to escape this, I hope he will be pleased with the answer.

  7. Well that was yummy! And ended too quickly for my liking ;)


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