Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Taste of Thursday: NaNo snippets #1

I love November. I don't know if it's because I'm an author or I'm a reader though. Perhaps a little of both. I enjoy the writing frenzy, the challenge of meeting a goal in a month. I also love the anticipation of little snippets from my fellow authors, and new books I hope will be coming out soon because they wrote in November. So you could say both sides of me are happy during November.

Here's my taste of Thursday this week- A little piece of one of my NaNoWriMo stories I'm working on this month.

From my demon story: Desiderus (Working title) 

***NOTE: This is my first draft- I am only looking to share and have not even started edits and don't want to. my inner editor has a pretty tight lid right now...LOL Read knowing it has not been properly edited. ****

The second time Haven summoned the demon, it was a bit easier and she didn't like the ease of it at all. She didn't want to become accustomed to summoning... Haven scrunched her nose as she made Baal's sigil and called Desiderus to her. The black smoke slid in circles and the demon slowly appeared. His human glamour gone which made Haven take a second look at his physique in the light of the sun. 

As her eyes blazed over his skin, she found his erection. The guy was stark naked. Haven spun around to give him her back as her cheeks flamed. Damnit how did he manage to do that nearly every time they met up?

"You had better have a hell of a good reason to interrupt me, pet, do you know what you've done?" His words slid out slow, easy, and so good on her ears. She cursed herself for having any lustful thoughts of the demon and the raging hard on he sported mere feet away from her. Her nipples hardened against the cotton fabric of her tank top. Haven shook her head, unable to actually speak yet.

"Three lovely young blossoming females were giving me their undivided attention. Their pussies open to me, glistening wet waiting for me to devour them."

His dirty words sent heat straight to her core and she throbbed at the thought of his long tongue grazing over anything between her thighs. Stop! 
The image didn't recede.

"My cock could be balls deep in all three females right now. I hope you have a damn good reason for interrupting a demon's pleasure."

The image of his cock invading a woman, even made her wet. Perhaps summoning him during the day hadn't been her brightest idea, but how was she to know he'd be in the middle of anything sexual.


Haven didn't say anything, she didn’t know what to say. Her cheeks were burning and part of her wanted to let it go, make him go away. He'd find her again eventually. The other part of her wanted to climb up on and go for a ride, and the last part tried to keep the other two inline and a cool head. His heated presence slid up her back. He was right behind her...waiting.

"Turn around and look at me. You had the gall to summon me, you should face it." His words were low, threatening.

~From my current work in progress ~

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  1. He is right, she probably had a good reason to call him so she better spit it out.

  2. Beware the demon! I'm glad I'm not in her shoes.

  3. I'm dying to find out the reason. Excellent taster, so sexy

  4. Oh oh! Can't wait to hear the reason!


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