Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Taste of Thursday: His Demand part 9 (Final)

His Demand continued... Final part (part 9)

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"This would not be a choice for you. Remove your hands again and I'll send you home just as you are."

The power in his voice, the demand nearly toppled her. Her body responded so needy with lust she could feel her juices slipping down her thigh. Evan returned to his tongue lashings and she quickly found the way to meet him just right so her orgasm lay seconds out of reach. Her hips rocked back and forth. The pressure had built so fast so full. "Please...I need to come."

Everything happened at once. Evan pinched her nipple with one hand causing a heat to zip straight to her clit where he sucked the nub between his lips and the fingers of his other filled both her holes. She screamed out as sparks flew behind her eyelids and her orgasm exploded inside her, wave after wave of the most intense pleasure she'd ever felt. She was falling, spiraling out of control at his demand.

When her body slacked, Evan pulled her down to him and pet the side of her head in soothing slow strokes. He waited patiently, and when she finally had her breathing under control, he spoke. "How did you like your test run?"

Catherine smiled and nuzzled his chest. "A pleasure." She felt safe in his arms. Somehow he exuded that feeling of protection and she knew she wanted to explore these new sensations he had wrung from her body. "How long is this contract?"

"A few pages, don't worry we can go over anything you want before you sign it."

Her fingers found their way to his pants. She noticed he was still hard and Catherine had the sudden urge to make sure he found his release as well.

"Careful now. There's a condition if you decide to travel there, kitten."

She grinned and looked up at him. "What's the condition?"

"From here out you call me Sir."

She stopped before her fingers touched the button she wished to undo and sat up on her elbows. 

"Did you hear me?" he asked, his gaze boring into her, waiting.


"Yes what?"

"Yes...Sir." There... she'd said it! He smiled approvingly at her and Catherine's heart filled with a warmth she didn't quite understand, but pleasing this man, her Dom, left a feeling of home inside her.

The end.... 
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  1. I just so admire your word selections and choices. You know just how to ramp up the tension, hold back the tide and use the words for the ebb and flow your characters need to reach the heights your desire. I love that about your work. And I loved this piece, right through to the end. I would like to see what you can do with what he has under his hood, however......excellent. xo

  2. Oh the end, I wanted more. That contract part would have been interesting and how she would react at the end of the term.

  3. This is a wonderful story. Your descriptions are excellent. I'm going to read it again all in one go.Great taster


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