Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday marketing: Free Promotion

Free promotion is what a lot of indie and self pubbed authors look for. It's out there- waiting for you, but has pros and cons like anything else.

Let's talk using facebook as a free promotional tool- why yes you could spam your own page with buy my books, but instead you could take advantage of actual book pages. 

Many of them have days you can pimp your favorite authors, pimp friend authors, pimp yourself. They post a pimp update- asking you to show some love to authors, and then you leave comments to your favorite authors links, pages, books etc... and you can do this for yourself!

This is beneficial to both you and the book page. See facebook is all wonky with how it shows posts for pages. If a page doesn't get community interaction- then no one sees their stuff. So you posting- using this as a free promotional tool- you are helping the page, you, and your favorite indie authors.

Book pages on facebook have all kinds of opportunities for free promoting- Not just pimping an author. You can also participate in a Tuesday teaser- where you can post a mini teaser of your book with the buy link to the comments.

And don't forget cover contests or indie author contests- where the more people who like your cover or your 'name' can get you a free spotlight by that book page. (see below for a list of book pages on facebook)

Downside to this kind of free promotion:

Lots of people do this kind of promoting on facebook so it's easy for your comments to get lost in the massive amount of comments.

Book Pages: Go like and participate-

Saints and Sinners

Indie Author Books

Book Nook Nuts

Pixie's Book Review

All About Books

Fallen For Books

And this should get you started. 

Do you have book pages you follow on Facebook- share them with me in the comments.

Have you been using this form of free promotion- how is it working out for you?


  1. o0o0oo0o0 New pages to like! Thanks so much! I don't have any more pages to add to that (yet) but I have seen the book pages at work. I have personally been exposed to some wonderful authors. Having that personal exposure makes the authors more real, more approachable, and entirely more interesting. I'm more likely to read a book by an author I have spoken with, however briefly, than some other unknown author. I'm sure I'm not the only reader like that out there!

    1. K- That's a great point from reader perspective- thank you for taking the time to comment about it.


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