Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Taste of Thursday: His Demand part 8

His Demand continued...

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His hand unclasped her bra and reached around to tug at her nipple. She gasped. "I think you are driving me insane."

He laughed. "That is my intention. Now let's talk safe words."

"I don't know what it should be." He pinched her nipple and she arched her back.

"Something odd."

Catherine pulled the first thing that came to her head, "Kahlua."

"Done." She felt him tug at her damp panties, heard the tear and in one swift movement he ripped her panties from her flesh as if he had it planned all along.

She bit her lip. God that was hot. "What are you doing?" 

"Whatever I want."

He flipped her skirt up so her bare ass faced him. Catherine looked down at all those people, so many and if anyone of them looked up, they might see her. She swallowed a moan. She felt his finger slide around her moistened pussy and she throbbed for him. Wanted to feel him inside her.

"On your knees, and you'd better keep those hands on the glass."

She complied. Her hands squeaked down the window. The floor was cool to her bare skin. She heard a rustling behind her. Was he letting loose his cock? Would he just take her right here?

His wet tongue surprised her as his head maneuvered between her legs and he expertly found her clit. He licked and sucked and she nearly screamed out from such small movements. His mouth so hot and finding just the right place. She moaned as her core tightened. Heat exploded throughout her body. She arched and pushed herself onto his face. He slipped a finger inside her waiting pussy and she could feel the climb of a sweet release on the horizon. He lapped and plunged in and out of her until she thought she couldn't take it anymore. He pushed her so close to climax, but she never fell over the edge.
Catherine bucked against him desperate for release. Evan's hand found her breast and he pinched the nipple between his fingers. She gasped, moaned, and gasped again. Her body took over in some carnal dance of lust she couldn't control, didn't want to control. She felt another finger hover near her ass, slipping between her cheeks and her hands moved back to protect herself without thinking about it. 

Evan stilled. "What did I tell you?"

Catherine cleared her throat and put her hands back on the glass. "But what if I––"

The sting of his palm on her ass made her yelp and her eyes watered, but she dared not cover herself again.

 ~~~~~~~~~Continued next week~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  1. Oh my. All caught up now. Steamy hot!

  2. "Whatever I want." "...carnal dance of lust..." "...she never fell over the edge." Shall I continue? Great Taster and when I say taster, I mean I could almost taste her. You really painted an erotic picture of carnal lust, indeed, and with the party-goers below, very erotic public display, on the off chance they look up. That was with out a doubt, scorching hot sexy. Dayum!! xo

  3. Great visual! The bit of being caught in public is very stimulating. Question, tho...he got her on her knees, is he lying on the floor?

  4. Damn! that is heated scene of erotica. I'm waiting for her to scream Kahlua to stop having an orgasm or prevent the display of what's actually happening, before the people notice. Fantastic pace with your dialogue and descriptions..

  5. That was hot. Especially when she start thinking about the people watching her and that doesn't stop her. It seems that she had been waiting for that all along.

  6. The epitome of erotica. Such a sexy taster that has me begging for more. Love it


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