Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Taste of Thursday: His Demand part 6

His Demand continued...

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Evan led her across the dance floor, through several crowds, up a flight of stairs, and finally to a room with clear glass windows for walls, barely tinted, looking down on the mass of people. She could see everything from here. The bathroom doors, the bar, behind the bar where tall tea cups were stacked precariously waiting to be filled, everything. It was an amazing view to see so many bodies dancing, like a sea of rhythmic notes, all swaying together. The music was quieter up here and her ears rang as they adjusted to the lack of thumping. She pulled her gaze from the mass downstairs and faced the man who tugged on her curiosity. It was now or never. "Are you a Dom?"

Evan chuckled. "In what sense of the word are you referring?"

"I think you know perfectly well."

"Are you familiar with the word Dom then?"

She shrugged. "Not exactly." His eyes seemed sinful and amused at the same time and Catherine averted her gaze, looking at the furnishings. They were simple. A desk, some comfortable looking chairs. A safe. He even had a few paintings on the wall.

"It means many things. I like to be in control of situations. I like people relying on me. Submitting to me." The last three words came out husky.

"I've heard some about people like you. That you enjoy a different kind of sexual experience. More than the lying in bed for a fuck or taking it doggie style. Kinkier." Catherine felt the heat rise in her cheeks.

"That, my little kitten, is up to each individual or couple. Everyone has their own kinks, their own needs that must be fulfilled."

She cocked an eyebrow at his nickname for her. Part of her wanted to correct him yet again and the other part found it pleasing. Evan sauntered over to where she stood. His eyes darkened as he put his finger to her chin, lifting it.
He moved in closer, so close she thought he might kiss her. Her nipples hardened into sensitive peaks and she readied herself for the contact. But he stopped with his lips hovering over hers and asked, "Would you like to find out more?"
~~~~ Continued next week~~~~~~ 

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  1. I would! I would! I have goose flesh. I thought he was going to kiss her. He wants to! You are a wicked writer, Decadent! This tense, fencing and posturing is so beautifully written. Your use of descriptions only serves to make it even more edgy. I particularly think these phrases 'a sea of rhythmic notes', 'tugged on her curiosity'. 'readied herself for the contact' particularly suspenseful. Great teaser, very visual, very edgy. Loved it. Can not wait for next week. xo

    1. Muffy,
      I'm so glad you are enjoying the story. Thank you so much for the kind words.

  2. The answer is "yes".
    I think she is totally into it now. Not sure how much she would like it though, there is still a part of her that seems to want to tell him off.

  3. I expect it will be quite the indoctrination.

  4. I wouldl be appauled if she doesn't say yes. Every word she speaks indicates she's interested. She even brought up the word Dom. What I want to find out is will she enjoy wjhat she expects. You're building a definite crescendo for a magnicificent scene.

  5. I hope she helps him fulfil all needs. Great taster


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