Thursday, September 4, 2014

A taste of Thursday: His Demand - part 5

His Demand continued...

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The car slid into a back parking space outside of The Hatter. The building itself was all black with splashes of colors here and there. It looked as if someone had thrown balloons filled with paint at the outside walls. The front sign was shaped like a top hat, similar to the one Evan had been wearing, only the outside one had a sinister looking face underneath it, smiling at her as if it knew something she didn't. Catherine's hands shook and she squeezed them into fists to try and stay calm, taking small breaths, soothing her nerves, but adrenaline was a bitch. She could do this. Taking a deep breath, she stepped out of the car and headed for the front doors.

Inside, dance music blared from speakers. Bodies slid up and down against each other. Laughter could be heard from somewhere deep in the crowd and the smell of booze was everywhere she turned. She easily slipped past the maze of people, searching for Evan's top hat. When she didn't find it, she made her way to the bar. She needed a shot of something that burned. Maybe it would kick some of her unease. 

The bartender put his hands along the back of the bar and asked, "What can I get ya?"

"A shot of Jack Daniels please."


Catherine pulled out her I.D. and showed it to him. He nodded and poured the shot for her.

"Thanks Aron, but she won't be drinking that," Evan's voice said from behind her. She stilled. Her mind jumped in different directions. She could run. She could turn around. She could keep staring at the bartender.

"Back so soon, Cat?" Evan asked. She could feel the heat from his body so close to hers.

"The name is Catherine." Her heart beat so fast she thought it would bruise her chest. Steeling herself against his potent presence, she faced the man she would demand answers from. Damn he did look good, better in fact than she had remembered. His dark eyes looked as if he might devour her where she stood. The tail ends of his jacket flared out behind him. He smiled, but didn't correct his use of her name. "Is there someplace we could..." She swallowed. "Talk?"

"My office is upstairs, Cat." He grabbed her hand and led her away from the bar.

"Your office?"

"Oh didn't I mention this is my bar?" He glanced over his shoulder at her and winked. "Do you like it?"

Oh fuck! She had thrown a drink in the owner's face. Her cheeks warmed.
~~~ to be continued next week ~~~ 

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  1. I wonder what they are going to talk about and if he will really answer her question or just be bossing her around. She should have had that drink, she will definitely need it.

  2. A big surprise for her. Great story development.

  3. You are so deft at carving out a scene and injecting strategic emotion. I love these two lines, which iare so typical of your style: "She needed a shot of something that burned. Maybe it would kick some of her unease." Just smashing. The tension is thick and palpable. I could actually see and feel her reel when she discovered she was on HIS very comfortable turf. Her steely reserve just melted. Linda is right, she is gonna need that drink. Perhaps, he will be a generous host to his guest.......wonderful set up for the next scene. Love this story. xo

    1. I'm really glad you are enjoying the read! She is in for it that is decidedly dead on.

  4. Amazing setup...wonderful details throughout the tale. It was as if we were sitting in the room watching the whole thing

  5. Oh dear. She's in trouble now. Great taster

  6. LOL! Loved it. She's going to need a spanking for that.

  7. "Her cheeks warmed"...

    Hopefully there's a little foreshadowing there... ;)

  8. Oo, can't wait to see the office and what happens there. I love the description of the outside wall of the club- "black with splashes of colors here and there. It looked as if someone had thrown balloons filled with paint at the outside walls." This is a acaptivating story. Keep sharing more.

  9. I'm thinking he would hold out on answering her question, naughty.
    The taster is so descriptive it feels like watching a movie.


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