Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Marketing: Business Cards

Did you know there is a place you can get business cards free? You don't even have to make them yourself, well you can if you want to- which I will discuss later in the post.

We are authors, why would we need business cards? Simple to give our information easily to possible readers. What you decide to put on your business cards is up to you. I suggest your name, e-mail, and website to find your books.

Vistaprint is a pretty neat resource for a lot of promotional items, and they are also where you can get free business cards.

Things to consider doing free ones-

You have a preset design so you can choose between ones already pre-set by the company. Which isn't a bad thing is you are not real good with this kind of thing. Or if you need something cheap. Or if you need something fast.

They also sale business cards- ones you can have more say in designing- but again that's a paid feature.

I personally think they have some pretty designs on their cards, not specific to authors, but some are simple enough you can make it work.

If you are interested in the free business cards go HERE.

Want to try making them yourself?

I found a terrific youtube video to help-

Materials needed:

Power point
cardstock paper

This video will walk you through designing your own cards and setting them up to print. It's one of the easiest tutorials I have found so far.
Check out the DIY Business cards below.

Do you have business cards? Who did you use to get them?
Do you have a better tutorial for making them- or how to make them in another program? Comment below. 


  1. I can't remember where we ordered them, but I do have business cards. Nice, two-sided coated ones.

  2. I personally love Vistaprint. Best site I have seen for business cards. There ARE others, but I've never tried them so would never risk recommending them. However, there are also softwares you can buy which make business cards, and some offer aid in personalizing the look and feel. I do suggest, also, that if you make your own, you investigate the different kinds of cardstock out there. If you hit a craft store or office store, you should be able to find a huge array of different cardstocks.

    1. Great point about checking out the different types of card stock!Tthank you so much for commenting.

  3. Vista print is the bomb! That's where I got my business cards and also had them make up postcards to hand out a comic cons. All great looking and cheap! Something this writer needs ;)

  4. I got my cards from Vistaprint too. Plus rack cards, postcards, and magnets. They're very easy to use.


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