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A Taste of Thursday: His Demand

I'm going to be giving you all a short story over the next few weeks, every Thursday will be a continuation from the previous week until the story is complete.

His Demand
By Decadent Kane

Evan's gaze followed her graceful movements as she danced along the back wall of his club. He licked his lips. Black lights highlighting the neon blue stripes in her slinky top. Her grin flashing white, back arching in and out of turns as her girlfriends swirled around her. An enticing sight, he blinked and she slipped away. Pulling his top hat further down, he stood. He would have her at any cost.

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"Sir, she's here," said his bouncer, Nova, walking up to him.

"I'm quite aware." He paused and then added, "Make sure she doesn't leave the club."

"Are you crazy? You can't kidnap her."

Exasperated, Evan glared at the woman. "It's not kidnapping if she comes willingly, is it? Back to your post."

Nova nodded and turned back the way she came. He'd hired her based on her ability to control the crowd. She had a way with both men and women that worked to her advantage. Tight leather outfits accentuated the curves in the dominating woman's body. The crop she kept stiffly under her arm left very little room for argument, even when drunk. 

Evan squared his shoulders taking in a deep breath. He already knew where the dancing girl would be. She ended up at The Hatter every lady's night and he'd come down from his box overlooking the dance floor to see her closer. It had been weeks and the time had come for him to make his move. She'd find her way to the ladies room, then back out to the dance floor with a Kahlua and cream in her hand. It didn't elude him that knowing her movements bordered on stalking, but he knew what he wanted and never walked into an unknown situation.

Evan wove his way gracefully in and out of the people crowding in groups, laughing, slurring, and dancing. He had every intention of meeting her at the bar. He'd worked hard to build up The Hatter, and it thrived under his careful ministrations.

He spotted her stepping up to the bar. The distance between them was short enough he could reach her in three long strides. So many in the crowd were painted in fluorescent colors, taking advantage of the black lights. They looked as if they were magic, dancing in and out of each other in bright greens, pinks, and yellows. Her laughter sung in his ears. He narrowed his eyes solely on her. A long braid rested over her shoulder. She'd colored every other section in a different color. White, neon blue, and a splash of pink it made her look all that much more exotic to him.

He loved the way her short skirt left teasing glimpses, though once he possessed her it would find its way to the trash, perhaps in pieces. Evan looked around at the bar patrons. He stopped when he spied other men gazing at her. It heated his blood but he fought his jealousy back and pushed it down to the bottom of his stomach. He would tear out their eyes if they gazed upon her after he claimed her.

Something bumped into him and the smell of Kahlua wafted up to his nose. He clenched his jaw and forced himself to look. Wide green eyes met his. It was her. Her drink had spilled down the both of them.

"I am so sorry." A small hand found its way to cover her mouth and the image of his hand covering those pink lips flittered in his thoughts.

"You're so sorry what?" His voice came out hard. He knew what he wanted her to say. Sir should have been the next thing out of those lovely lips. He watched her emotions flit across her face. First confusion mixed with shock, and then her dark eyes narrowed.

"I'm so sorry I spilled my drink on you. Perhaps if you paid closer attention to where you were headed..." She raised one eyebrow.

Evan shoved his hands into his jean pockets and his lip threatened to curl up at her words. A challenge. He already wanted her and his cock stirred at the thought of taming her. When he was sure his voice would come out just the way he wanted he leaned over, close enough to her ear so she'd hear every word. "Who are you?" he asked but didn't move away. He had every intention of invading her space. 

Her body tensed.

"Catherine." Her voice came out breathy and his prick hardened a little more.

"Catherine..." He let the word spill from his lips, knowing she'd feel it upon her skin. She didn't step back. It was as if she thought she would be standing her ground against him. "I will give you forty-five seconds to get a napkin and wipe your drink from my shirt, Catherine."

He heard her swallow. "And if I don't?"

He whispered in her ear, "Let's find out," and took a step back. His hands itched to punish her for the defiance. His heart skipped a single beat, waiting for her decision. He had to force himself to control his breathing, to appear calm in the face of a woman straining his cock and his patience.

 Her eyes darted all over the place, and only touched his gaze briefly. He kept his attention on her face, hoping it made her uncomfortable. She held some of the traits of a submissive and he would exploit them. Test them. Help her come to the same conclusion he already knew, she would kneel before him and she would like it.

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  1. Err, thought I made a comment... I'll make it again. This is brilliant. I love Evan and Catherine already.

  2. That was explosive! I couldn't tell if he was going to be a vampire, shifter, wolverine or what...and them Ba-Boom! A Dom! I am going to love this story.....a lot. Now, what line is my fav? Hard to pick just one, but I loved this one...""Catherine..." He let the word spill from his lips, knowing she'd feel it upon her skin." I think it would be even more powerful if you changed 'the word' to 'her name' Thsi is a volcanically charged piece. You rock, Decadent. xo

  3. I was getting into the story, and I'm interested to know what happens there. How is he going to carry his threat, and I know the woman was testing him. Nice piece.

  4. AH, I remembering reading the scene after this. Very enticing.

  5. Very intense and sexy. Nicely done.

  6. Great story, pulled me in and filled me with apprehension and excitement!

  7. Um...yeah. That scene was HOT! Love the build up and anticipation so that when they first talk you feel the heat

  8. Great read, so sexy. Can't wait for more.

  9. I'm not sure he will get what he wants. Seriously, I wish she actually brings him to his knees. He sounds like such a jerk, he needs a little lesson.

  10. I can sense that she is a willful woman and nothing excites me like a willful sub. This is one very interesting taster. I look forward to the next instalment.


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