Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Taste of Thursday- His Demand part 4

His demand short story- continued....

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Catherine wrung her hands. Damn it. She needed to stop this train of thought. Did she really want someone to dominate her? Could she even allow anyone that kind of power over her body? Shaking her head she decided there was no way she could allow herself to submit to a man that way. Though she wasn't completely sure what submit truly implied, she was scared of its simple implications. What if he hurt her? What if she didn't like it? Why was she considering it?

 She glanced at the clock on her wall. Barely past eight. Her heart slammed in her chest, she could go back. She could see what he meant by next time. Catherine ran her hand along her forehead. Was she really considering going back...seeing Evan? She tried to picture his face if she did waltz back through the doors. He would be surprised. Considering how Evan handled her, she could only assume he was a Dom. What had he said when she told him sorry? He said, Sorry what. He wanted her to acknowledge something: his powerful presence, his dominance. Should she have called him Sir? 

Her curiosity had the better of her. She needed some answers about how this game was played, and perhaps she'd learn why she was so turned on by his actions. She could go back, demand he answer her and if he did, then she might give him a bit more respect. Catherine licked her lips mustering up her courage. She would go back for herself, and he would answer her questions. Questions like how this kind of thing worked, and what would happen if she didn't like it. Oh and the really important one: how could she trust anyone she just met? 

Though the idea of a stranger pushed desire to her core and she rubbed her thighs together trying to alleviate a little of the pressure. Maybe she could get him to help her rid the lust building inside her, up against a wall in some back corner where they could be caught. Catherine switched back into the same skirt she had worn earlier, splashed some water on her face, and set out determined to find the answers. Only one tiny problem: what if he wasn't there? 

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  1. How CAN anyone trust someone they just met? Very dangerous situation and finding the answer is just as dangerous. Very well written with appealing descriptions and the rolling tension and build-up is palatable. But maybe she can trust him just enough for the alleyway quickie. Love the way she thinks. I think that is a fine place to start establishing trust and boundaries. xo

  2. Great window inside her head. I wonder if she really is ready for what she is thinking about.

  3. Oh yes! So sexy. Desire is rapidly building up. Love it!

  4. Very erotic I like the way you described her thoughts of her dilemma perfectly

  5. I love all the questions Catherine is asking herself and the ones she wants to ask him. I'm intrigued to find out what happens when she goes back to him, if he is there.

  6. I can't believe she is going back. I can't wait to see what are going to be the answers to all those questions.


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