Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Taste of Thursday: His Demand (part 2)

First today is also the reveal of my book cover for # 4- A Hint of Cayenne coming soon:


Story continued from last week- which you can find HERE

His Demand (Part 2)
By  Decadent Kane

Catherine's gaze finally found his. Her jaw clenched and she crossed her arms in front of those lovely breasts. Not too big, not to small. A little more than a handful. And his hands itched to feel their weight. Evan let the seconds tick away knowing full well she wouldn't comply. When the forty-five seconds were up she grinned at him, as if she'd won. A thin waitress walked by and he stopped her, retrieving a towel from her back pocket. He wiped the liquid from his shirt and slung the material over his shoulder.


"Look at you, perfectly capable of cleaning up yourself." Catherine's eyes sparkled in amusement.

Evan let a smirk slip. This saucy little minx would be getting her dues. He planned to let her keep digging that hole. His mind brought up all the scenarios he wished to play out with her. Catherine looked the length of him as if she noticed what he actually looked like for the first time. 

Her determination was a bit cute. Her being able and willing to hold her own pulled at something he hadn't felt in quite a long time: admiration. She stood up to him. He'd had submissive women in the past, but they all knew they were submissive. Catherine had no idea, which made him want her even more. His cock became so hard he let her watch as he adjusted himself in front of her. 

Her mouth dropped. "Who the hell do you think you are? What's your name and I'll report you to the manager."

"My name's Evan. Please do report me. If you dare." He bowed before her and tipped his top hat as he came back up. He pulled the tails of his suit down tight, showing off a little more of his physique.

Her eyes blazed. He didn't know what angered her more, that he hadn't risen to her bait or that she was still standing there talking to him. Before Evan realized what she would do, Catherine grabbed a swirling neon drink from a waitress walking by and threw the colorful liquid in his face. He licked his lips, tasting vodka. Her eyes widened. Evan swiftly grabbed a hold of her, dropped to bend her over his knee, and gave her a solid swat on the ass. When he lifted her back up, everyone had stopped to stare at them. Her face turned bright red. Evan grinned. "Next time do as you're told."


Catherine was speechless. She huffed, slapped him across the face, and stomped toward the exit. The slow burn made him clench his jaw. He would enjoy helping her submit to him. Nova caught his eye. As Evan rubbed the sting of Catherine's blow from his face, he nodded to let Catherine pass. She'd be back or he'd go looking for her.
Come over next week to read part 3.
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  1. Beautiful cover and another enticing scene!

  2. I love this story ... the struggle between the two wills. I wonder is his confidence misguided? Will he end submitting to her? Or will it be mutual surrender? As you can tell I am hooked and want more....So I shall return next week, like a good boy .... smiles

  3. Hmm.,.. defiant little minx, yet an audacious man to spank her in public. Wow! good piece; love the cover!

  4. hum "She'd be back or he'd go looking for her." I wonder which one it will be. Maybe she is not what he thinks she is.
    I love the cover by the way.

  5. Evan really intrigues me. I like his style with his dominance. Great taster

  6. Sizzling teaser! She's going to be a big challenge for him.

  7. the Cover rocks. You did a great job with the interaction between them. Just the right blend of anticipation.


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