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A Taste of Thursday- His Demand part 4

His demand short story- continued....

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Catherine wrung her hands. Damn it. She needed to stop this train of thought. Did she really want someone to dominate her? Could she even allow anyone that kind of power over her body? Shaking her head she decided there was no way she could allow herself to submit to a man that way. Though she wasn't completely sure what submit truly implied, she was scared of its simple implications. What if he hurt her? What if she didn't like it? Why was she considering it?

 She glanced at the clock on her wall. Barely past eight. Her heart slammed in her chest, she could go back. She could see what he meant by next time. Catherine ran her hand along her forehead. Was she really considering going back...seeing Evan? She tried to picture his face if she did waltz back through the doors. He would be surprised. Considering how Evan handled her, she could only assume he was a Dom. What had he said when she told him sorry? He said, Sorry what. He wanted her to acknowledge something: his powerful presence, his dominance. Should she have called him Sir? 

Her curiosity had the better of her. She needed some answers about how this game was played, and perhaps she'd learn why she was so turned on by his actions. She could go back, demand he answer her and if he did, then she might give him a bit more respect. Catherine licked her lips mustering up her courage. She would go back for herself, and he would answer her questions. Questions like how this kind of thing worked, and what would happen if she didn't like it. Oh and the really important one: how could she trust anyone she just met? 

Though the idea of a stranger pushed desire to her core and she rubbed her thighs together trying to alleviate a little of the pressure. Maybe she could get him to help her rid the lust building inside her, up against a wall in some back corner where they could be caught. Catherine switched back into the same skirt she had worn earlier, splashed some water on her face, and set out determined to find the answers. Only one tiny problem: what if he wasn't there? 

____More coming next Thursday____ 

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Monday Marketing: Business Cards

Did you know there is a place you can get business cards free? You don't even have to make them yourself, well you can if you want to- which I will discuss later in the post.

We are authors, why would we need business cards? Simple to give our information easily to possible readers. What you decide to put on your business cards is up to you. I suggest your name, e-mail, and website to find your books.

Vistaprint is a pretty neat resource for a lot of promotional items, and they are also where you can get free business cards.

Things to consider doing free ones-

You have a preset design so you can choose between ones already pre-set by the company. Which isn't a bad thing is you are not real good with this kind of thing. Or if you need something cheap. Or if you need something fast.

They also sale business cards- ones you can have more say in designing- but again that's a paid feature.

I personally think they have some pretty designs on their cards, not specific to authors, but some are simple enough you can make it work.

If you are interested in the free business cards go HERE.

Want to try making them yourself?

I found a terrific youtube video to help-

Materials needed:

Power point
cardstock paper

This video will walk you through designing your own cards and setting them up to print. It's one of the easiest tutorials I have found so far.
Check out the DIY Business cards below.

Do you have business cards? Who did you use to get them?
Do you have a better tutorial for making them- or how to make them in another program? Comment below. 

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A Taste of Thursday- His Demand part 3

Come enjoy a taste of Thursday, where I'm sharing a free story- one new part each week.

His Demand (part 3)
by Decadent Kane


Catherine's face burned with embarrassment. How could he be so brazen? He had swatted her, swatted her like a child! She yanked the front door open to The Hatter. Who the hell did he think he was? Not a soul inside had even tried to stop him or stand up for her. When the brisk night breeze blew between her legs, she realized her panties were wet. Shocked, she stopped. Why would it make her wet? Was she depraved in some way? No, she was normal. Evan, that man, there was something wrong with him, and with every other person in the damn bar. Anger renewed, she stormed to her car. She crushed the button on her key ring to unlock the door. It beeped at her and she pulled the door open, plopping down on the seat, and slammed it shut. He had no right. She should march back in there, demand to see the owner, and have him banned from the bar.

Her hands shook. There was no way she could face him again. It had been so difficult to do to begin with. She put the car in drive and left the parking lot. Thank God she'd only had one drink. Catherine immediately pictured her second drink spilling in slow motion over Evan. She pushed it far away from her thoughts, wanting to bury the image, the situation, the whole fucking thing in the darkest places of her subconscious.

Once she made it to her apartment, she parked and retreated swiftly to 1A on the bottom floor. It wasn't much but it was hers. She had a small table in the kitchen with two chairs, an old T.V. her father gave her when she moved into the apartment, a second hand couch, and a bed. Most of her clothes were neatly folded in the closet. Catherine shrugged out of her skirt and slinky top and was thankful to have a pair of comfy sweat pants and a clean tank top to put on. 

Her mind drifted back to Evan. Deep down there was a reason she always went to The Hatter. People talked and supposedly there were people called Doms who hung out there. Guys or girls, she was told, who liked to take charge sexually, and sometimes even more. People Who enjoyed controlling someone else. 

The idea both terrified and piqued her curiosity. She had hoped to maybe meet one. As she considered the night's events she realized she had, but the meeting had not gone how she'd expected. Her hope had been a little talking, flirting, maybe asking some questions. But Evan...she didn't have words. Again she moistened when she thought of the swat he gave her, in front of everyone. And his voice. When the man leaned in and started whispering devilishly into her ear, she had almost melted into him. Trying to control her body, she made herself angry. She didn't even know him. She shouldn't be turned on. If he could make her want him with his words and a little swat, what else could he do to her?

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Monday marketing- Building a Brand

Yup I'm late getting going this week- I apologize, but here today is author Brantwijn Serrah talking about brand building...Raffle copter giveaway at the end of the post.

Building a Brand

"Build your Brand". Being involved in outreach marketing, big sister to a entrepreneurial business major, and now navigating the waters of self-promotion as an indie author, I've heard this phrase a lot lately. At first it seemed a bit intimidating and needlessly commercial, but it's becoming my favorite mantra as a writer.

Your brand is something like your "public image". It consists of more than your product (your books, if you're an author). It has to do with the face you present to your audience, and it spans your entire public presence. From your Facebook to your Twitter to your Google+, Pinterest, blog, and personal website...and if you don't have a presence on these media, you need to get one right away. The public eye isn't something you can hide from and still hope to be noticed.

Readers respond when they are engaged, and the more actively you can engage them—while not becoming an obnoxious door-to-door salesman—the more excited they will be for your product.

Consider a couple of household names in the book market: Stephen King, Dean Koontz; JK Rowling; Danielle Steele. With each of these names comes a sense of the artist's personality. This is their brand.

The more you build and grow your brand, the more familiar, trusted and recommended you and your products will be.

Be Consistent

You will be more recognizable as you develop a consistent and visible presence. Use the same or unmistakably similar handle across all your social media. I am Brantwijn on Facebook, G+, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. Anywhere I hope to be seen and recognized by potential fans, I am sure to make myself identifiable and consistent. I make it easy to find me throughout these networks, being sure each profile includes consistent links to my various pages. It's important that your brand be recognizable, consistent and accessible to your target audience.

Be Professional

Keeping in mind again that your brand is your public image, you should keep things professional. Your social media profiles (at least the ones connected to your public image) should be public and open, so anything you post would be viewable by potential readers and fans. Hence, strive to maintain an approachable, professional image. You want your audience to feel comfortable with you and trust that you are professional. I don't share things on my dash which will give my audience the impression I am flaky, careless or dishonest.

I'm not saying one has to be Ms. Manners all the time. Follow me on any of my forums and you'll see I swear all the time, and I especially love the word fuck. I also have a level of sarcastic and bit risqué humor For my particular audience, this is appropriate and even a little welcoming. If I were writing YA novels, things would be different. This is about strengthening your image and brand appropriate to your audience.

Be Active

Be sure you are visible. Engage people and do so for more than self-promotion. Start conversations, ask questions, be approachable and conversational.

Remember you want to engage your readers, but you also want to maintain your consistent and professional brand. If you've never seen our host Decadent Kane run an "Author Takeover", you really should. She nails the engagement and conversation, and her audience is drawn into the world of her books without being overwhelmed by sales pitches. Decadent uses games and small giveaways to gain audience attention: photo scavenger hunts, friendly ice breakers posted to Facebook walls, "Which Elf Are You?" quizzes, all of these provide a fun way for her audience to get involved and get to know her. She also maintains her brand—I like to think of it as "Mistress of the Elves"—all the time. She uses her own "elfalicious" words and presents herself as not only an expert in all things elvish, but a passionate fan of the world as well.

Another way to be active is to run your blog with content interesting to your readers, and helpful to them. I've recently begun posting articles on the craft of writing each Monday, and writing challenges each Wednesday. My hope is to eventually post original creative content on Fridays or Saturdays as well, and provide enticing and artistic erotic photography from artists I admire on other days.  Creating at least a semi-predictable schedule—such as Decadent's Monday Marketing posts—gives readers a reason to follow your blog consistently and become more engaged. Offering small tokens or "cookies", such as giveaway prizes or exclusive content to newsletter subscribers, also engages them. The purpose of this is to remain visible and involved with your audience even between new book releases.

Building and maintaining your brand is essential to marketing yourself if you are an indie artist. Unless you carry a big marketing department in your back pocket—and I work in PR, I know how big a marketing department needs to be—you've got a lot of work to do to build and maintain your brand. However, as much as it is work, I've also found that it can be very fun, and very rewarding.

Read, write and be merry!

Link to Book Trailer:

Buy Links:

Breathless Press:

Goblin Fires

From the moment she laid eyes on sweet Ceri, Reagan knew she would be lost forever. A Sidhe Royal, though, could never return such feelings for a War-Child...

As the daughter of the fae Goddess of War, Reagan was sworn into service to the Sidhe monarchies before she was born.  Her contract forever binds her to the beautiful goblin princess Ceridwen. When an unseen enemy threatens the Fae Courts, Ceridwen is caught in the attack, and Reagan must fight to the ends of the earth to save her. But will this battle tear her away from her princess forever?

I surprised her when I showed up without warning at her door; I hadn't called ahead. I'd barely recognized I meant to go there myself. When Talaith appeared in the doorway, though, one eyebrow cocked, I didn't offer any kind of explanation. I threw myself at her.

I kissed her, hard and desperate, wrapping my arms around her luscious frame. I pushed her backward into the entryway of her apartment and kicked the door shut behind me. She squeaked. She actually squeaked.

"My Lady Knight!" she huffed when I let her up for air. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"
"This?" I teased, and kissed her again. "This isn't pleasure, Majesty. What I'm about to do to you, that will be a pleasure."

"Mm," she chuckled, and then she returned the embrace, twining slender arms around me and sliding fingers into my tawny hair.

Though the sun had set less than an hour ago, it appeared as though Tala had already been settling in for the night. She wore an oversized blue nightshirt hanging carelessly off one shoulder, a pair of slim and shimmery satin boy shorts, and dark fleece socks. She held a mug of cocoa in one hand, holding it expertly away from the violent crush of my body against hers to keep from spilling it. I reached out and stole it from her, taking a long drink.

"Reagan!" she exclaimed. "You don't drink hot cocoa!"

"Tonight I do," I countered, and pressed her into another kiss, the sweet taste of creamy chocolate mingling on our lips. Tala of course had loaded her cocoa with the decadences of whipped cream and sprinkled chocolate shavings; the saccharine overdose made me wince. It hit me like a slug of strong alcohol, going down about as smooth. A quick, sleek burn kindled up through my limbs, bubbling all the way up to my head, and I slid both hands underneath her nightshirt to strip it up and off of her. The lace-and-satin bra underneath matched her panties. I nuzzled my face between her breasts and uttered an appreciative little sound of delight.

"Ridiculous creature!" she laughed, but arched against me all the same.

I came up to take the hot chocolate again, this time tipping it to her lips. She happily took a drink, and when I brought the mug away, a white trail of whipped cream marked her upper lip. I ducked in for another kiss and slowly licked it away—even the small bit of sweetness made me shiver. Her tongue met mine and we kissed over and over, tasting, sucking, and trading soft murmurs of pleasure. Each new kiss sent a pulsing, dizzy little thrill through me, and then the chocolate really started to kick in.

This is why I don't take sugar in my tea. All it takes is the littlest taste...

...and I'm smashed.

Vicious arousal caught fire in me. I tangled one hand in the pretty red hair at the base of Tala's skull, gripping tightly, while the other slipped down, under the cup of her bra, greedily caressing the warm, soft shape of her breast. I touched the tiny stiff peak of her nipple and squeezed it, teasing. Tala rewarded me with a quick, gasping giggle. I practically tore the nightshirt over her head and then the sheer designer bra as I fell upon her breasts with relish.

"The couch—"she managed, and she grabbed me by the shoulders to drag me to it. The room was dim, lit by the glow of the fire in her hearth. She tumbled backward onto the plush black leather and I followed, landing on top of her.

Author Bio:

They say you should never meet your heroes, but Brantwijn Serrah says otherwise. At a Los Angeles book signing in 2012, Brantwijn met one of her all-time favorite authors of urban fantasy, Jim Butcher, who couldn't have been kinder or more encouraging to her as an aspiring novelist herself. As it turned out, the book he signed for her that night gave her the first spark of inspiration for Goblin Fires, the story of a goblin Knight hopelessly in love with her princess.

When she isn't visiting the worlds of immortals, demons, dragons and goblins, Brantwijn fills her time with artistic endeavors: sketching, painting, customizing My Little Ponies and sewing plushies for friends. She can't handle coffee unless there's enough cream and sugar to make it a milkshake, but try and sweeten her tea and she will never forgive you. She moonlights as a futon for four lazy cats, loves tabletop role-play games, and can spend hours watching Futurama, Claymore or Buffy the Vampire Slayer while she writes or draws.

In addition to her novels, Brantwijn has had several stories published in anthologies by Breathless Press, including the 2013 Crimson Anthology and 2014 Ravaged Anthology.  She's also had a short story published in the Cleiss Press Big Book of Orgasm and the anthology Coming Together Through The Storm. She hopes to have several more tales to tell as time goes on.  She has author pages on GoodReads and Amazon, and loves to see reader comments on her work. Her short stories occasionally pop up at Foreplay and Fangs, her blog.

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A Taste of Thursday: His Demand (part 2)

First today is also the reveal of my book cover for # 4- A Hint of Cayenne coming soon:


Story continued from last week- which you can find HERE

His Demand (Part 2)
By  Decadent Kane

Catherine's gaze finally found his. Her jaw clenched and she crossed her arms in front of those lovely breasts. Not too big, not to small. A little more than a handful. And his hands itched to feel their weight. Evan let the seconds tick away knowing full well she wouldn't comply. When the forty-five seconds were up she grinned at him, as if she'd won. A thin waitress walked by and he stopped her, retrieving a towel from her back pocket. He wiped the liquid from his shirt and slung the material over his shoulder.


"Look at you, perfectly capable of cleaning up yourself." Catherine's eyes sparkled in amusement.

Evan let a smirk slip. This saucy little minx would be getting her dues. He planned to let her keep digging that hole. His mind brought up all the scenarios he wished to play out with her. Catherine looked the length of him as if she noticed what he actually looked like for the first time. 

Her determination was a bit cute. Her being able and willing to hold her own pulled at something he hadn't felt in quite a long time: admiration. She stood up to him. He'd had submissive women in the past, but they all knew they were submissive. Catherine had no idea, which made him want her even more. His cock became so hard he let her watch as he adjusted himself in front of her. 

Her mouth dropped. "Who the hell do you think you are? What's your name and I'll report you to the manager."

"My name's Evan. Please do report me. If you dare." He bowed before her and tipped his top hat as he came back up. He pulled the tails of his suit down tight, showing off a little more of his physique.

Her eyes blazed. He didn't know what angered her more, that he hadn't risen to her bait or that she was still standing there talking to him. Before Evan realized what she would do, Catherine grabbed a swirling neon drink from a waitress walking by and threw the colorful liquid in his face. He licked his lips, tasting vodka. Her eyes widened. Evan swiftly grabbed a hold of her, dropped to bend her over his knee, and gave her a solid swat on the ass. When he lifted her back up, everyone had stopped to stare at them. Her face turned bright red. Evan grinned. "Next time do as you're told."


Catherine was speechless. She huffed, slapped him across the face, and stomped toward the exit. The slow burn made him clench his jaw. He would enjoy helping her submit to him. Nova caught his eye. As Evan rubbed the sting of Catherine's blow from his face, he nodded to let Catherine pass. She'd be back or he'd go looking for her.
Come over next week to read part 3.
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